Great Floral Ideas for Funeral Services

Unfortunately, death is a part of the circle of life. It’s part of the cycle that no one likes to experience. Much to our dismay it is a fact of life. At someone point in everyone’s life they will experience a death in their family, circle of friends or even their work relationships. Death has touched everyone’s life at some point or another. Most people are so overwhelmed with the situation at hand that often times they do not think of all the floral options available to them. Grief is very much in your face and it’s hard to see around at times, especially when the person who has passed is someone close to you, someone of great importance to you. In these unfortunate moments it may help to have a reference when making these decisions. There are several details that should be taken into consideration when selecting the proper floral pieces. Here are some great things to keep in mind.

1. Casket Spray

Are you in charge of selecting the floral spray that will be displayed over the top of your loved one’s casket? This is a big responsibility as well as a big decision. First of all, take a minute to think about your loved one and perhaps their favorite colors. The floral spray that will go on top of the casket is suppose to be full and beautiful, but most of all it’s suppose to represent your loved one. You can choose to use their favorite colors. The colors reflecting the month of their birth. If your loved one is a male, you could choose to honor him by choosing the colors of his favorite sports team or race car driver. When it comes to selecting funeral flowers there are so many options available to you. Typically people choose to have a ribbon displayed on the floral spray. They often choose ribbons that reflect relationships that are of significant importance. A few of the most common choices:

  • Father or Mother
  • Husband or Wife
  • Grandmother or Grandfather
  • Sister or Brother
  • Aunt or Uncle
  • Son or Daughter

2. Stand Supported Wreath

The decision of a wreath is a great choice. It is beautiful and elegant. It makes a wonderful display or sympathy and support. A wreath is a great option because the bereaved is able to take the wreath home with them and display it at home in honor and memory of their loved one. You still have great options as far as flower choice, color options and you can also add in accessories. You could add in a ribbon or perhaps a few little items with sentimental meaning. For example you could incorporate a butterfly, bird, religious item, sports memorabilia or something relating to a pet. The options with a wreath are virtually endless.

3. Planters

A planter is an excellent option as well. You can choose to go with something simple like a fern. Or if you’d rather honor the person’s exotic personality you could choose a planter with bamboo. You could also choose to go with a potted Forget-Me-Not. That always makes a beautiful and appropriate statement.

I’m Andrea Jensen, as a florist I have the pleasure of helping people with all of their floral needs like funeral flowers or for any other occasions.

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