Guest blogging delivers results only as good as the site the items are posted on

There are hundreds of thousands (millions in fact) of blog sites dotted all around the Internet. As you might expect, blog sites like websites differ from the absolutely brilliant to the direst of catastrophes. If you want your website links to deliver targeted traffic as a result of high ranking and quality linking, the blog sites your posts are published on need to be relevant, authoritative, highly ranked and proven to generate traffic. Anything else and you’re wasting your precious time.

Guest posting is a fully scalable element of content marketing

What is guest blog posting?

Guest blogging is a proven, scalable method designed to get ‘DoFollow’ back links as well as generating quality traffic in the process. Having an onsite blog element on a commercial website is essential. Guest blogging means posting industry relevant and authoritative written content on external sites. However, these sites should in themselves be industry relevant, have a high ranking in Google and not be a ‘pay for posting’ site.

Post Panda and Penguin updates

Post Panda and Penguin updates, guest blog posting is a favored weapon in the content marketer’s armory. The more posts linking to a website from external blog sites, the increased visitor traffic your site will enjoy. As long as the site remains up and running, those links which are generated will continue to drive traffic towards your website business. In addition, you’ll also start receiving new unique visitor traffic as a result of posting on sites which you would not have thought about.

Where do you post?

Knowing where to post is one thing you will need to investigate if you are to have any degree of success. However, it isn’t merely a case of knowing which blog sites are worth posting on and which will deliver tangible results. It is also about cultivating relationships with blog masters, as well as delivering quality, relevant and authoritative content which meets the required standards for that site.

In addition to the aforementioned, you will also have to spend time writing the content. This can be time consuming; however, that is just the beginning. If you want to generate traffic, you’ll have to research the keywords and search phrases which are popular in Google and other search engines. This can be VERY time consuming, even if you understand how to utilise the analytical tools Google offers at your disposal.

To circumvent the potential of time consuming tasks such as these while you run your business as efficiently and effectively as possible, guest blogging via is one route you can take which will deliver results. Companies such as this offer fully scalable content marketing packages which fit the budgets of most small and medium sized business models.

An element of guest posting as part of an integrated content marketing strategy cannot be overstated. It will deliver rapidly improved traffic results and will continue to do so for many years to come. Choosing the right sites, quality written content and improved consumer relationships are the resulting benefits. It is an unwise webmaster or owner of a small to medium sized online business that ignores guest blogging.

Strategies to Avert Future Update Issues

The following strategies will help to maintain ranking and scoring through links, helping your site to stay in good quality even with changes in the updates in the near future.

  • The "Anchor Text" Strategy:

    The Penguin 2.0 optimization is mainly based on "anchor text" profiles. The causes include overuse of same links in content and "anchor text links" being mostly keyword oriented. According to studies, thirty percent or more composition of a term in a certain site profile can lead to danger for the site.

    To avoid such issues, use more than one keyword for building authority. Make a list and then through proper strategy spread these keywords in various topics and sites. In the long term, this process becomes more organic in nature and causes lesser penalties for the site. This strategy also helps in generating more traffic through the use of keywords range and use of "long-tail phrases"

  • Variety of Sites:

    It is your aim not to allow your profile to become homogenous by sticking to the quality guidelines of general site. Under normal circumstances, it is not possible to get many links that are "highly relevant". Also, the probability of "generic" sites to link with your site is highly probable. Therefore, use a large base and diversify the process of addition of links keeping in mind the crux of the site and business, adhering to the principles of quality and relevance in the process.

  • Always Deliver Value first:

    It is known to all that value is what your content must deliver. However, this value deliverance increases by many folds in case of guest posting. This valuation takes place in two levels. Firstly, you must remember that guest posting works on using other’s platform for endorsing your service/product which is why you must make the most of it. Next, guest posting exposes you to new audience and it is your job to attract as many as possible through your work. Eventually, using pillar content which are based on "strong sites" will help you to generate more traffic and "link juice" for your site over a long period of time.


Thus, guest posting will help you to stay in high ranks with effective increase in traffic and quality of your site.

Author’s bio: Simon Hopes is a highly experienced SEO writer who has been regularly contributing articles on latest SEO updates. He writes on guest posting and related SEO based topics.

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