The Vizio 24 Inch is what you need if enough space is a constraint at home. That apart, that it has great looks is also something you can consider as positive if you are about to order a new PC for your home. The other positive aspects that weigh in favor of Vizio 24 Inch are the slim look and its capability of being used as a television even when the system is powered off. That it does not have an optical drive to watch movies however, is a major shortcoming you have to reckon with. The other things that the manufacturers could have considered including but left out in the Vizio 24 Inch are HDMI output and fully functional remote control.

Although good enough for low end gaming, the Vizio 24 Inch is certainly not for those who want a high level of graphic display capabilities, but the Vizio 24 Inch was not built for that it seems. Still what makes this system so desirable and popular however is the 10-finger capacitive touch screen compliance with the Windows 8 OS. The other smart things that the manufacture has included are a remote to control when it is used a television and the cleverly hidden power supply within the sub woofer. Ultimately these are features that give punch to the Vizio 24 Inch.

Other capabilities apart, the 1920 X 1080p resolution of the display is something worthy of talking about with its quick responsiveness. The crisp color included and the deep black on the display is real food for the eyes. The lack of an optical drive has been compensated with a dual HDMI-in port that can be connected to Blu-ray players, HD cable box or a game console. Notably the system has been well complemented with a 2.1 surround sound system making it perfectly suitable for entertainment and media. However, don’t expect the bass to thunder as you may want, but there is still enough for watching movies and hearing music.

Everything in the keyboard and mouse may not be to your liking because of its size. You should expect to see a cramped layout and that too with flat keys with shallow strike. You will, however, not have much to complain about the touchpad when you enable gestures with Windows 8. You can swipe with two fingers and the responsiveness is good too. But these are little things to worry about because you can always choose to replace peripherals any time you want.

Connectivity options on Vizio 24 Inch are quite decent by any standards, and include an SD card reader, head phone jack and on the left side with easy access, there is the USB 3.0 port. From the rear you can access the eSATA port and additional 3 USB ports. For connecting entertainment devices there is also dual HDMI input. What makes Vizio so savvy is that it can connect to cable, satellite and game consoles effortlessly. You will also love the shortcut keys that will instantly connect to live chats and Vizio support.

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