Wedding reception party refers to a get together party hosted by a newly married couple just the day next to the completion of their marriage. This is a sort of celebration where the couple invite their friends and family and treat them with the food of their own choice.

It has different traditions varying with cultures. Some prefer the wedding breakfast feast while others prefer the ball room party in the evening. As couple invites all their friends and family and marriage has been declared complete officially, so every guest seems happy and stress free as they will not have to look around for the organization stuff and arrangement etc.

As this is the time after a wedding when everyone enjoys and celebrates, the family and friends if the bride and groom try to come in the best possible appearance. Theyprepare special dresses, shop expensive jewelry and try to grab the maximum attention by wearing something special.

Mother of the bride is specially recommended to wear something social as she is the center of attraction ND the happiest and luckiest even after giving her beautiful daughter away to her prince charming. There are many traditions linked to the dress of the mother of the bride.

These traditions are about colors and styles of the dress. Usually, white color or the color that resembles the bride’s dress is avoided. Here is a short guide about how the bride dress up for the reception ceremony of her daughter should.

First of all, keep in mind that no matter how expensive the dress it, if you don’t wear it in the right and good way, you will not look good. The dress will only look great only if you are able enough to carry it in a good way. Undergarments play a great role to maintain the shape of the body and ensures that you look good on the costumes you are going to wear.

Select firm under garments depending upon the shape of your body. There is a wide variety out in the market available for different body shapes and sizes. Wear them right, when you have your body in shape with perfect curves, it will add a lot it your confidence and you will feel totally comfortable with your appearance as well.

Select the outfit carefully. If you need a plus size, never hesitate and get it from the stores. You can also go for a designer dress and get it stitch according to the body shape. If you have bought an outfit, you can get some alterations in it by visiting a tailor and get it right according to the size and shape of your body. Once you are done with the dress, go for a comfortable pair of shoes.

It is a myth only that comfort never comes with style. You can get the stylish ever heels with the perfect blend of comfort as well. There are many mother of the bride accessories as well to match with your dress and shoes.