Smoking continues to be an epidemic in today’s society. People who engage in the habit usually develop severe health complications. A person who wants to quit knows it is truly a tough battle. It requires deep motivation, guidance and discipline. It is important to quit the smoking vice because you want to live a longer and healthier life.

Diseases are really unavoidable for smokers. Health problems may range from heart problems to lung cancer. The chances of survival are also low. People who engage in this activity contribute to the destruction of the environment. Other people are affected by the pollution that is given off by smoking.

There are many factors that contribute to smoking. Stress, boredom and peer pressure have become the underlying conditions that possibly push a person to get hooked to this particular addiction. It is important to address these deep seated problems to break away from the cycle of addiction. Try to look for alternatives that can make you feel better without cigarette induced escapes that are short lived.

Nicotine dependence has been a major problem of smokers as well. Various medical studies prove that Nicotine, an added ingredient found in cigarettes, is a very addictive substance. The chemical component of it makes the body crave for more and more in which it results to higher cigarette consumption. The best antidotes to counteract chemical addiction are also chemical formulations that are sold in pharmacy shelves.

The residue of smoke is considered as waste matter. It contributes to the build up of harmful elements within the body which may even damage a person’s physical appearance. This could be the reason why smokers develop wrinkles and cellulite. Effects may be permanent and very costly to fix.

Doctors will obviously advise against smoking. Studies have shown many adverse reactions of the body. Fatigue also increases as the heart and lungs get weaker due to smoke residue within the body. Cigarettes may also cause infertility for men and women. The hormone levels are somewhat altered due to the chemicals in cigarettes.

It takes a firm resolve to choose to stop smoking. Once you are convinced of the bad effect on your health your common sense will dictate that you break away from it. The next step takes you to discipline which is enforcing with your body what your mind sees as the right thing to do. This is the only tool that can help in your battle against cigarettes. You have to take the bull by the horns to live a long and healthy life by quitting smoking right away.

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