Case study: how to design a website for a DJ?

It’s fabulous to have so many potential clients to be able to select only the interesting projects to do. Unfortunately, very few of us have the possibility to select the clients and the huge majority of web designers take the projects no matter by the preferences. Some of the most interesting projects for me are the websites of artists, it is very challenging but in the same time interesting to do these kind of websites. An artist portfolio or official website presentation offers the possibility of revealing your creativity and skills, such a website must always stand apart.

DJ’s are very appreciated by young people and many others are constantly trying to get on the top of DJ-ing which is very difficult. An aspect that may help an amateur to become more famous and appreciated is to have a wonderful website. In order to help you, I create a list of top 20 DJs and their official websites; it will be ten times easier for you to make an opinion about what suppose a similar project. Definitely, there are other talented DJ’s that won’t be mentioned here or websites that deserve to be included but I preferred to respect the top from here. Anyway, I highly appreciate any contribution from the readers and don’t be shy, please let me know your favorite DJ and favorite website.

  2. David Guetta received the title of the best DJ of the year, but personally, I don’t consider that the website has the same standards. I consider it being too agglomerate…am I wrong?

  4. Tiesto has a very complete website, it’s impossible not to find what you are searching for. Everything is OK; maybe the automatic player is annoying for some people (including me).

  6. Lots of DJ’s are posting images with them together with the fans but Deadmau5 is posting some interesting Instagram images, check these if you are cats lover.

  8. I am a great fan of Armin van Buuren, therefore I may be subjective, but I really like the website…simple, complete, enjoyable!

  10. It was under construction at the moment of writing this post; let’s hope for a wonderful realization.

  12. Momently, I think that the website is under construction.

  14. Avicii is a young talented DJ that promises a lot. His website has a very similar color palette as Armin’s, let’s hope that will follow him (I am referring to the success and not to the style).

  16. Swedish House Mafia prefers a very minimalistic website that doesn’t fatigue the eyes of the viewers. They are also promoting intensively their new release, by sure a new hit as they use to.

  18. I am in love with this website, it reflects the style of the DJ and the navigation is very enjoyable. Definitely, you should visit the website to make your own opinion.

  20. It is a nice website having a modern approach, very suitable for a DJ website. Also, it seems a real trend amongst DJ’s to have a very active social media presence, highlighted even on the main page of the website.

  22. Above and Beyond is respecting its name with this wonderful website. There is nothing to say “wow” but overall I can’t have a negative aspect about.

  24. Steve Aoki proposes an unusual website but it doesn’t mean it is a bad decision. Personally, I like the website, especially the header that uses a cartoonish style.

  26. ATB is one of the fewest DJ’s that asks the users to subscribe, but also he is rewarding the most active user. The website is fantastic, I like the most. You have here everything you need to know about ATB, even a blog, so check it!

  28. If someone compares the music of Ferry Corsten and his website, I am almost sure that everyone will say that the website is much bellow to the DJ. There is nothing wrong but it seems outdated which is not suitable to a DJ, isn’t it?

  30. Axwell comes with a totally different approach from the previous DJ. The home page is in fact his logo, the black background and the metallic look of the logo is really awesome. Unfortunately, the player isn’t the best solution; the user is the one that decides to listen to or not the music.

  32. It is another wonderful website, the impressive header being the main piece of resistance. The fans are provided with fresh information and new tracks, therefore I give a good mark to Sander Van Doorn.

  34. I must say that few days after visiting this website I still have in mind the original idea of Dash Berlin. He proposes nothing more or less than a ”Dash Berlin world”. Here everyone must sing in, even Dash Berlin in person to visit the “world”. There are so many aspects to cover that is better to visit yourself.

  36. Maybe this website doesn’t offer a large palette of information but it impresses at the originality chapter. If you want to see a minimalistic website, then visit it!

  38. It is good website; there is nothing negative, congratulations to the designers and the owner.


Calvin Harris has a nice website; I was impressed by the background.

In conclusion, the DJ’s propose some very interesting websites, the common features being the great care for the fans, there is no website not to offer Facebook and Twitter streams and the modernist appeal. Somehow all these are pretty normal for those that impress with their mixes.

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