We never think it could happen to us. Violent crime always happens to other people; but never you, right? Wrong. At any moment, you could be the victim of a violent crime. Criminals are out to get exactly what they want, and they don’t care if you are prepared or not. You can protect yourself from being the victim of a crime with a few simple steps. 

1. Sign Up For Martial Arts Training

This type of training goes above and beyond any defense skills you’ve already learned. Depending on the class you take, your martial arts will either consist of using weapons or combat to defend yourself. A weapons-based martial arts often uses bladed weapons. The combat-based martial arts depends on a certain type of movement or dance to ward off predators. Many towns offer training classes for martial arts, often lasting weeks at a time.

2. Keep Your Money And Electronics Hidden

Many people become the victims of robbery because they have made themselves a target. Displaying your money, your cell phone, or other expensive electronics is a surefire way to make you a victim of robbery. Make sure your money and electronics are hidden from view when you go out in public, especially at nighttime. Waitresses are easy targets for muggers when they are leaving work, because their aprons contain all the tips they made for the day. If you are a waitress or you depend on tips, put your money in your pockets before leaving work. Take your apron off and keep it hidden. This is especially crucial if you are leaving your shift late at night, because robbers could be hiding in the dark, waiting to get their hands on your tips. The best way to ward them off is to make it appear as though you don’t have any cash on you.

3. Pepper Spray (Mace) 

Pepper spray can be a life saver, yet hardly any of us carry it around. There is nothing wrong with both females AND males having pepper spray on their person at all times. It’s probably not necessary to carry it around with you in the daytime or if you are mostly driving instead of walking, but keep it in your pockets at nighttime. Also, make sure you know how to use it before you depend on it to save your life. When you purchase a can, test it outside when nobody else is around. Most pepper sprays require you to move the spray nozzle for it to work.  

4. Park In Lighted Areas

So many times we hear about people getting attacked in a parking garage. Avoid parking garages at all costs. Also, park in well-lit areas if you have to be out in public at night. Criminals have a lower chance of planning an attack on you if they see lights. Parking near public businesses or restaurants is another good idea.

My name is Jason Forgue, and I am a security officer for a busy hotel. I have extensive martial arts training and I am ready for anything. It is my job to keep an eye on people and make sure they do not get attacked.