How to Make Smiley Faces

Smiley faces are emoticons that are usually used to express emotions in text communications whether you are on the computer using chat rooms or having one-on-one chat sessions on facebook or messenger, or you are sending text messages. Because the person who you are communicating with does not see you face-to face, he or she needs to know the true intent of your words when you are invisible.

The smiley faces or emoticons will help your friend see your real emotions and or intent. In addition, the smiley faces can be abbreviations for saying things you do not want to write out. For example, to say that you are a “╦ťblabber mouth” you can use a smiley face to shorten the expression: (:-D
Smiley faces are fun, creative ways to chat and express yourself.


  1. To create smiley faces, you need your regular computer keyboard with punctuation marks that resemble facial expressions; for example a smile.
  2. Some common keyboard characters that can give you smiley faces are the brackets) which looks like a sideways smile; the colon: gives you sideway eyes. When you put them together you will get a smiley face. You must first type in the colon then bracket; for example :)
  3. To add to the above smiley face you can type in a dash after the colon to add a nose; afterwards, add the bracket for the smile; for example :-)
  4. To make a winking face, you type in a semi-colon, add the dash for the nose and then the bracket; for example, ;-)
  5. To create a sunglasses face, type the number 8, add the dash for the nose then the bracket for the smile; example, 8-)
  6. To make a sad face, you first type in the colon and then add the dash for a nose and use the left bracket for an upturn smile; for example, :-(
  7. To show a kiss you may add your colon, the dash and type in an x, example :-x
  8. To say that you are tongue tied you may type in the colon, the dash and the abbreviated and(&); for example, :-&
  9. If you want to show someone that you are yelling type in the colon, the dash and type the number zero: :-0
  10. To show a scream you may type in the colon, dash and the at sign (@); example, :-@
  11. There are millions of smiley faces out there that you can have fun with and overtime you may learn most if not all of them

Tips and Warning

Smiley faces are usually viewed sideways. Some chat room, instant messages and the programs on the cell phone may have smiley faces that have already been created for you to just choose one. Sometimes, however, the computer may automatically read the smiley face that you are typing in and will automatically give you graphic smiley face. You can get a lot of built-in smiley faces from the internet. Even though smiley faces are fun and creative ways to communicate, it can erase true communication from using full words.

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