How to Overcome Alcoholism

In today’s modern lifestyle, every occasion is considered flat without alcohol. Be it a wedding or a simple birthday party, it is common to see young minds tossing down a glass of wine. They find alcohol to be the latest trend and if one is out from this trend, they are considered to be outdated. (Review the sentence)

Well, let it be a trend and But when you try to make alcohol a daily habit it can make you sick and ruin your social life. You can be given a new name “alcoholic” when alcohol becomes an integral part of your life.

As of today, thousands of alcohol abuse cases have been diagnosed and a large portion of these fail to recover from the problem.

How to Spot Alcoholism


An individual is alcoholic when he finds it hard to cope with stressful situations and become dependent upon alcohol to relax. So, it can be right to say that alcoholism is a combination of social, biological and psychological factors. 

Family drinking history may also be one of the reasons for this progressive problem (it is not a disease) as it passes down through the generations.

Physical Signs & Symptoms

Some common physical signs of alcoholism are incoherency, slurring in voice and lack of coordination. When one is overdosed, these signs can be seen.

A redness in the face and nose which is known as Rosacea, is the sign of chronic alcohol consumption.

Weight loss can be seen in an alcoholic as he increases the alcohol consumption and subsequently avoids eating nutrient-rich food. It can lead to a weak digestive system and deficiency in nutrition, and ultimately weight loss as well.

Behavioral Symptoms

An alcoholic ruins his family and social life. He finds difficulties in meeting work, social and family obligations.  His poor judgment and inability to keep his words pushes him away from the family. Moreover, addicts are prone to bad activities such as gambling, rash driving and violence.

How to Deal With It?

It is a type of addiction that later turns into a progressive problem. If you want to deal with it you first need to be mentally strong because it is a lifelong battle.

Once you are mentally strong to leave the habit of drinking, you need counseling. What is alcohol dependence? It is the inability to cope with reality. And counseling makes drinkers mentally strong, in order to face their world. 

Visit adoctor, as there are some medicines that reduce cravings for alcohol. The drug called disulfiram (Antabuse) acts as a deterrent by making you sick if you drink while taking the drug. Campralis another very famous medicine that combats the craving

Alcoholics can join rehab centers to combat alcoholism. There are many famous celebs like Lindsay Lohan who have joined a rehab center to cure the habit Here you can learn different mental exercises to strengthen your mind in order to avoid drinking. It is usually a 2-3 months program. But keep in mind that it can relapse, so you need to continue what you have learnt from the center to curb your desire to drink

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Abella is a social reformer and have published many articles on various social topics like eradication of Alcoholism, smoking, social security for girls and many more. In this article he is talking about ways to eradicate alcohol.

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