How to Reach Out to Global Customers and Generate a Living via Marketing Jobs

Modern life can be lived on the move, and modern jobs can be done wherever you can find an internet connection. Online marketing jobs may cover a number of different levels – from student level basic jobs, to full time work for more experienced marketing personnel.

Online employment covers a huge range of skillsets – from design and web development through to PR and administration. There are plenty of sites out there where people with the relevant skills can find people looking for them – and conversely where people needing workers can find the people who need the jobs.

In order to reach out to clients around the world, you need more than just the ability to do the job. You need to know where to find the marketing jobs you are looking for, how to craft a good pitch to get work, and how to create an online persona for your business.

If you are lucky the quality of your work will speak for itself. One marketing job leads to more marketing jobs as your initial clients spread the word about you to others.

Be aware, though, that in order to reach this stage of the game you must first be prepared to put in some work. You’ll have to do jobs you don’t necessarily like, and accept payment that is really too low given the time and effort you are putting in. These are necessary steps to employment in any media industry – and dress it up how you like, marketing is just another strand of the overall media juggernaut.

Until you gain a reputation as a good contact to have, your pitch is everything. It’s this that gets you the first marketing jobs you’ll ever do.

The most successful online marketing professionals are aware of the industry, and have experience in relevant areas. You may, for instance, have already worked in an office doing similar work: creating press releases, for example, or writing sales copy for specific types of product.

When you write a pitch for online marketing jobs, refer to the experience you have had which is relevant. If you have marketing experience within specific industries, refer only generally to the mechanics of the industry unless you are pitching for marketing work within it. In other words: if you have had plenty of experience marketing toys, your client only needs to feel that you are well versed in the toy department when you are applying for more work marketing with toys. Otherwise, he or she is more interested in your overall marketing knowhow and less so in your awareness of an individual industry.

It’s a good idea to apply for as many marketing jobs as you can, in as many different fields as you can. Be sure you are only applying for jobs you know you can do, though. You need to give a coherent picture of how you would do the work, and by when – which isn’t easy if the job description is alien to you.

It’s a good idea to apply for as many marketing jobs as you can, in as many different fields as you can.

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