Improving Online Business In China

Internet usage all over the world is growing at different rates. But there is no doubting the fact that Internet is being adopted rather rapidly and is changing the way people conduct their lives and their businesses. One such country that shows amazing growth as far as Internet usage is concerned is China.

Here are some interesting statistics for you to consider:

  • There are 591 million Internet users in China
  • The growth rate of the Internet in China is at 9.9% and the penetration rate at 42.1%
  • China is accessing the Internet in many different ways and it shows in the 460 million mobile web users and 300 million 3G users.

Therefore, a business organization operating an online presence in China indeed has a lot to look forward to. In order to make it possible for your online business to perform at high quality levels, it is important that you look for service providers that can help you with tools that aim at China acceleration with respect your website.

Acceleration technologies

Acceleration technologies have to come into play in a big way when you are looking at optimizing your performance in China. Growth statistics state that by the year 2015, the number of Internet users in China will touch the 750 million mark. E-commerce operations therefore are likely to find a huge market in China. Therefore, looking for the best quality China acceleration technologies can go a long way.

Why look for such technologies?

China is not an easy market to break into. An online business will certainly need the best technologies to deal with aspects such as:

  • The formidable firewall which is also known as the Great Firewall
  • Licenses which can be a pretty complex landscape to navigate
  • Geographical barriers
  • Technology barriers because the major Chinese ISPs are known to have unstable peering and so on.

An aspect such as CDN or content delivery network can go a long way in helping an online business break through and establish a reliable presence in this market.

A company such as GlobalDots has a portfolio of solutions that are aimed at CDN in China.

What does CDN in China mean?

When you look for a service provider who can help you manage your online presence in China, you need to ensure that you are getting services such as:

  • The right licenses that will allow you to reach various regions of China,
  • Security protection for your website
  • Streaming services
  • A robust IT landscape which will cover multiple devices and multiple nodes across this country
  • Enhanced availability of the website and
  • Acceleration when it comes to distributing large content across China.

Looking for a service provider who can give you all these aspects and more is critical when it comes to doing business in China. Website acceleration is indeed a complex area of business. So, if you are looking for a company that can help you with this, do look through their industry track record and their portfolio of products. It is even more useful when you look for a service provider whose focus is on China. This way, you will get tailor made solutions that will help you with your Chinese marketing strategies.

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