iPhone and iPad apps and games that were rocking this week

December has finally arrived so it’s the perfect time to highlight this week’s best and most engaging apps and games for both the iPad and the iPhone. With such a wide variety to choose from iTunes, making a list might seem a bit trickier. As a devoted fan of the iOS you should always be updated with the latest releases, so let’s have a look at some ground-breaking games & apps ready to make your winter holiday a lot more entertaining. Now that the iPhone 5S and iPad Air are ready for grabs, Apple fans should prepare themselves from unbelievable gaming experiences.

Icycle: On Thin Ice (November 27)

Art and games are finally becoming one in this visually stunning and masterfully crafted iOS game. "Icycle: On Thin Ice" focuses on a main character known as Dennis, who is a naked hero jumping and gliding through an appealing yet deadly post-apocalyptic freezing wonderland. As a player, it will be your job to help Dennis hop over collapsing fairgrounds and cities. The game is a genuine inspiration from film, comedy, and art, so it will certainly make the experience compelling and extremely entertaining.

Dr. Newton: The Great Brain Adventure (November 26)

Put your brain to the ultimate test and join Dr. Newton on an adventure packed with unbelievable puzzles. Get your friends together, arm yourself with a lot of patience, and download the game on your iPhone or iPad; enjoy the plethora of games, hundreds of addictive levels, and epic power-ups to increase performance level.

Adventure Town (December 2)

Adventure Town is an exciting iOS game where the player has to reconstruct his town from scratch. After being destroyed by bone-chilling beasts and monsters, it’s up to you to bring it back to life. The beauty of the game is that it’s free to play, and it comes with really interesting visuals for gamers fond of tower defense games. Be sure to install new houses and shops in your town in order to draw mighty heroes and help them become fighting legends. Compare game progress against your peers and fight for a top position!

Toca Hair Salon Me (November 27)

Your family and friends need a makeover, so it’s time to give them one with Toca Hair Salon Me. All you have to do is snap a picture and begin. In the newest version of the trendy Toca Hair Salon series you are responsible for the characters. Be both a stylist and a customer, and prepare yourself to create funky hairdos with this engaging iOS app. As an added bonus, you can add sunglasses, hairclips, and hats, and don’t forget to share your photo with your friends on social media platforms.

Mindnote (November 27)

Mindnote is an excellent iOS app for people of all ages, especially students. It basically makes mind-mapping a lot easier. The mere definition of a mind-map is a visual representation of personal ideas, beginning with an initial thought and continuing with further theories. It will allow you to keep your thoughts organized and brainstorm projects in the most intuitive way possible.  Mindnote is featured as an "App Store Best", so it certainly deserve to be included on your weekly iOS downloads.

The iTunes marketplace is extremely varied as far as apps and games are concerned. Yet, avid gamers and tech fans should always stay updated with the newest and most entertaining updates. Innovative games and apps are released weekly, so it’s up to you to try them all to decide which ones are truly worth downloading. Thanks to the myriad of options, you’ll definitively put to good use your latest acquisition from Apple.

Author Bio: Michael Clark, a blogger, a freelance writer who always stays updated with new gadgets launched or will launch in the market. He is also a co editor at the site Airplane Games 365 where you can play lots of airplane games.

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