Keep it cool with the right air cooler

With the temperatures burning up all over the world, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep it cool and stylish. Dressing up, letting your head down in the park or doing any outdoor activities is nearly impossible in this sweltering heat. So what do you do to beat the heat without looking or feeling like a hot mess? This is a great time to call your friends over, catch up on some me time, read the books you always wanted to read but never had the time, and of course rock those summer hues and patters. But before all that make sure that your home is summer ready and the only things smoking hot in it, is you!

Fans can definitely make you very angry in the summer. You will suddenly start finding all the faults in the world in your otherwise well-performing poor fan. Summer is a great time to invest in an air-cooler. Now, we all know the bad rep air-coolers have gotten over the years. Too bulky! Too noisy! Too Ugly! It just doesn’t work! Well, it is time to put your cynicism aside and get your hands on an amazing air cooler. The newer models (manufactured by good companies) can really change your life; or at least your summer.

Here are tips for choosing the perfect air-cooler this summer for your apartment:

  1. Get one with wheels! Yes, that is one of the biggest differences between a fitted air conditioner or a fitted fan and a movable air cooler. Depending on which room you need to be in, you can easily move around your light weight air-cooler.
  2. Get the right size. Depending on the size of your house or room, you will have to choose from the multiple sizes and power options available in air-coolers out there. You don’t want to get a feeble one meant for a 100 sq. Ft. Room and then complain about it not working in your giant living room. On the other hand, you don’t want to invest in a huge air-cooler and then complain about it being too bulky for the kitchen or the home office.
  3. The right shape! If you are into aesthetics and want everything to match to a certain extend in your home, then make sure to check the shape and look of the air-cooler you are planning to buy. Unlike the old days, air-coolers today are available in so many shapes, sizes and varieties that you will definitely find something that matches your expectations.
  4.  Read the manual! Whether it is about how to clean it, how to adjust the speed, how to tilt it, or the warranty terms, read the manual! The best way to get the most out of any product is to know all its functionalities and ways of optimizing them.

Whether it is for a barbecue on the balcony, a poolside party with your girls, a poker night in with the family or a movies night with the kids, an air cooler can definitely keep the humidity and sweat under control and not dampen the mood, literally. As far as other ideas for being summer ready go, make sure to eat clean, fresh food, drink lots of juice and coconut water and wear comfortable fabrics.

Author Bio:
Elaine Fernandez is a lifestyle blogger who focuses on home decor in most of her articles. She gives you easy tips and tricks to change up your home decor for different seasons. Her latest articles are all about living it up and beating the heat this summer.

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