Keeper Security – Best Personal and Business Password Manager

Keeper is the most secure password supervisor for Android! Protect your passwords and non-public statistics with Keeper as the central impervious password manager and digital vault. Keeper presents unlimited password storage for anyone – generate, store, and autoFill strong passwords on all your gadgets while securely storing non-public archives in your encrypted vault.

Why Keeper?

Keeper is the world’s most depended on and downloaded password supervisor with hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google Play and iTunes. Millions of people and lots of groups have confidence Keeper. It can store every password in one secure password manager. Never fear about dropping your passwords again. Keeper lets you save as many passwords as you want in your very own protection vault.

Our password generator helps keeps hackers at bay using growing strong, unique passwords. Stop the usage of the same passwords over and over. Improve your online safety with Keeper password supervisor and preserve your passwords invulnerable and organized. Keeper locks your files, photos, and movies in a tightly closed encrypted vault. Never fear about having to take into account a password again! Access your password supervisor with a fingerprint login. You can log in online with our tightly closed AutoFill known as KeeperFill. Emergency Access lets you manage who can access your passwords when you can’t.

What Makes Our Password Manager The Best?

Keeper strives to maintain our Password Manager as easy and intuitive as possible. Our 5-star reviews back that up each day. Every user is supplied with an inaccessible and private vault covered with the help of our unmatched Zero-Knowledge protection structure with more than one range of encryption. Only you recognize the password to your vault. With Keeper, your data remains 100% encrypted 100% of the time. Save time, continue to be organized with our password autofill feature. With Keeper Fill, your passwords are always on hand to be automatically filled

Monitor the protection of your passwords by way of enabling Breach Watch. Breach Watch constantly scans the Dark Web for passwords that have been exposed and immediately notifies you so that you can stay secure. Keeper’s Security Audit feature helps you maintain passwords up to date and makes sure your passwords are as impenetrable as possible. With our password generator, we make retaining password protection a breeze.

Overview of Keeper Benefits

Keeper is well-matched with a variety of units along with desktops, laptops, and smartphones, and also all the web browsers. As the license consists of limitless devices, one can install the software program on all the units for his use. To decorate the security of the records, the personal information is secured and encrypted at the gadget stage and now not in software’s servers or the cloud. This makes the software a ‘zero reminiscence system’ in which no other person or desktop knows the small private print of an individual different than him or his own devices.

Moreover, login identification techniques include the Keeper DNA system. This device uses different bright units such as smartwatches and smartphones, and different non-public smart gadgets for identity verification. In addition to the course of Keeper DNA, the software program supports two-way verification and fingerprint verification for login purposes.

Keeper brings together privacy, security, and access management in one place, making it easy for the manager to hold the sensitive records of the employer safe. Apart from the security, the introduced administration facets such as delegated administration and user provisioning assist managers in making workplace work more efficient and productive. Moreover, the committed cloud space prevents any probabilities of records loss, and the easy file sharing gadget enables the personnel to share the information rapidly throughout the board.

Overview of Keeper Features

  • Random Password Generation
  • Password Management
  • Centralized Administration
  • Security Ratings
  • Passwords’ audits
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Folder Sharing
  • Cross-platform Compatibility
  • BYOD Integration
  • Live Support
  • Password Policy Generation
  • User Provisioning
  • Delegated Management
  • Cloud-based Solution

Keeper Pricing Plans:

  • Free Trial: $29.99/user/year
  • Family: $59.99/5 users/year
  • Business: $30/user/year
  • Keeper protection affords three extraordinary enterprise pricing packages, costs for which vary according to the wide variety of subscribers, and the added features. Here are the details:
  • Unlimited storage for passwords
  • Unlimited wide variety of devices
  • Cloud backup
  • Secured document sharing
  • Live support


  • Inexpensive
  • Family & business plans available
  • Hardware two-factor authentication
  • 24/7 support


  • No free plan
  • Ugly interface


Keeper hence covers all the bases we like to see out of a password supervisor with functions for nearly all operating systems, a handy set up technique, and password importing to boot. However, the consumer suffers from a negative organizational method that holds lower back an otherwise incredible system.

The Keeper lineup hence consists of three parts: the computer and cellular applications, the browser UI, and the browser extension. When you first signal-up, you will get the browser UI on my own with no instantaneous to deploy the different components. Common sense is sufficient to get around this hurdle and install the various parts manually; however, that is a tall order for some.

Once you are signed up, Keeper will strive to import your passwords from your browser. It makes use of any other application that you’ll have to install. Despite our attempts, we couldn’t directly get the software to work on Windows. Every single time we tried to open it, nothing would happen. We pulled up Task Manager, and the application wasn’t even running there.

Keeper offers the actual lineup we expect from most password managers. There are low as well as high-end plans for individuals and businesses. There is not, however, a free plan, which is one location the place Keeper falls in the back of the competition.

An improve does carry some advantages with it. The Unlimited graph has unlimited storage plus password backup for a single user. You also get 24/7 support, multi-device sync (no rely on the wide variety of devices), and document sharing.

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