Mens Chains: Which One is Right for You?

A couple of decades ago men’s chains may have been considered more of a “retro” look, but all that has changed in more recent years. Men’s chain necklaces are now available in a vast variety of styles, materials and designs, ranging from sleekly modern to intentionally vintage in appearance. Here are some factors that you should look at when shopping for men’s chains.

Type of chain

The types of links used in men’s chains make all the difference with defining their style and overall visual appearance. Some of the most popular link styles used in men’s chains include rope, bead, cable, Figaro, box and mariner. The aptly named rope chain has intertwined links that resemble a rope, and links can be faceted so as to maximize their shine. Bead chain is a type of ball chain that is composed of connected round beads.  A cable chain is often considered to be the “standard” type of men’s chain and features rounded links of the same size. A Figaro chain has a uniquely elegant look thanks to its link pattern of several smaller circular links interspersed with somewhat larger oblong links. A box chain has square, wide links that resemble boxes and are closely set together. Interlocking oval links have a perpendicular bar in their center in the mariner or “Gucci” chain (thus called because of its frequent use in the designer’s jewelry items).


Along with link type, the kind of material used is one of the foremost criteria that you’ll want to take into account when buying men’s chains. Material type of course plays a huge factor with regards to price: precious metals like gold and platinum can make for incredibly pricy men’s chains, whereas contemporary materials like stainless steel and titanium are infinitely more affordable.

Your selection of material type for men’s chains will likely boil down to two factors: color and price. Yellow gold tone chains are available in more metal types than one might initially think; in addition to the more expensive 10K, 14K and 18K gold chains, men’s chains can come in gold-plated, gold vermeil or gold filled versions. Silver tone chains are most commonly found in sterling silver and stainless steel, though white gold and platinum men’s chains are also possibilities (albeit pricy ones). Tungsten carbide and titanium men’s chains offer more of a cool industrial gunmetal grey. Titanium chains tend to be much lighter than the average men’s chains, and tungsten chains are significantly weightier.

Length and width

Once you’ve settled on link type and material, you’ll want to determine your ideal chain length and width. The most standard length of men’s chains is 20 inches, which will have the lowest part of the chain hitting at approximately the collarbone for most average size men. 18 inches is generally considered to be choker length or a standard size length for smaller men. 22 inches will lay a few inches below the collarbone and 24 inches will hit just above the sternum. Though not frequently worn, opera length necklaces that reach closer to the abdomen can be seen in the occasional more daring men’s chains.
Thickness is often secondary to length, though it is still worth paying attention to. Men’s chains that are thicker in width are generally considered to be more retro in appearance, though the more fashionably adventurous might certainly pull them off.

Plain or pendant? Finally, consider if you want an unadorned chain or if you want to add something a little extra. A pendant is an additional piece of jewelry that hangs loosely from a chain. Pendants add a little bit of extra personality to men’s chains and most pendant necklaces come included with a chain. Since the majority of pendants are entirely removable, you can always purchase a pendant necklace and alternate wearing it with the pendant or strictly as a chain.

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