Have you ever wondered how designers come up with concepts for creating beautiful rings? It is fascinating to see how one designer can produce such a variety of intricately designed rings that speak to the most eclectic bunch of people. People with such different ideas of beauty (and everything else) may actually find common ground in a ring designer albeit not in the same ring.

So how does the magic of creating those gorgeous designer rings happen? Well first, there is the natural creativity. You have to have that God-given creative eye that is able to see beauty and art in everything around you which will then translate into a masterpiece. This is not taught but it can be caught so most artistic people hang out together to help each other see beauty in the most unexpected places or events.

Then there is the part for seeing other people’s work. This is not cheating unless you create the same exact design; it is simply seeing what is out there are drawing inspiration from that. Other people’s work could also include past designs in museums and books. The past has a lot of insight to offer to the present and it can be used to create something completely different and exciting.

It is also important when coming up with a concept for the designers to know what materials they will be working with. Creation has to be concentrated and in this case, focused within a certain set of materials. That way, the designer can be confident in designing something that will actually come to life. It is also important to know the target demographic. This is somewhat tied into the materials but if the designers are creating general designs, it is important for them to appeal to the culture of that particular demographic. Jewelry is really more cultural than it is aesthetic.

Some designers just doodle on their sketching pad until something finally clicks. This is the laborious part of the creating process. They will draw designs and turn them every which way on their minds and on paper to develop something unique. Others claim to get their concepts in dreams while others have ‘visions’ of what they want to create, which is hurriedly put down on before it disappears.

There is also the aspect of having the idea spelt out for them by the future owner of the ring. You could tell the designer your story and the purpose for creating the ring and possibly request to have certain symbolic features on it that allude to the story and the purpose. Most people prefer this approach because the ring is often bound to be absolutely unique and have an added sentimental value to it. This is usually pretty easy for the designer, just as long as he gets all the needed information.

Artistic creations and the process of achieving them are very abstract and very unique to the individual designer. They are influenced by the designer’s personality, experience, expertise and end-game so that there are no hard and fast rules here.