Having Mobile Version of the Site

Web design can be a challenge, especially if you’ve never done it before. Fortunately, there are many useful sites now that do most of the hard work for you. If you already utilizing a website on a regular basis and recognize that a mobile website will increase site traffic and will bring readers or customers to your privilege site , there are  some ways you can make the transition from the regular site to mobile version very easy in itself. You do not need to hire someone to do it for you. With a little preparation you can see the transition.

Why Mobile Version:

If we look at international markets, as technology is advancing lot of innovations are coming in the market. As communication has become an important factor in today’s advance life, most of the individuals around the globe are now using mobile or smartphones for communication and for other purposes. As smartphones can be easily connected to the internet with Wi-fi connection, they can open different websites on the smartphones. Recent research have shown that most of the websites on the internet do possess mobile version of their site,  and they are managing lot of their respective business with the mobile versions of the site. As every can easily carry smartphones in their pockets, they can easily view and manage business with mobile website. World’s leading online websites Amazon are getting business in millions with mobile version of their site, most of online stores have moved their sites to mobile versions. So having a mobile version of the site is quite beneficial, and will be good impression for business in future.

Planning for your version of mobile phone

Before you even begin the actual process of mobile web design, there are some steps you should take to plan a mobile version of your site. Mobile websites are different from normal web pages in some important respects. First, It should appear on smaller a screen, which means that the layout is different than designing a website for a desktop or laptop computer screen needs. Secondly, mobile devices often rely on Internet connections like Wi-Fi, that often does not load the content properly, and sometimes looks odd scattered around the mobile, especially in your home,. To plan for these changes, write down the most important things about your site, such as contacts and basic descriptions in very brief and comprehensive that should represent all about your website. Also pay attention to whether the images or other features should not take longer to load, Make it easy and simple for the viewers and your site will be easy to use for new viewers or customers.

The transition

Now, that you have planned for its mobile version, you need to make the big step of designing the actual website. Fortunately, there are models of mobile websites available online that can help you improve your site regularly for the mobile version. Once you have done that, you can customize it. This is when you will design the site with the list you made before for changes in the site. These templates will help you to design specifically for mobile devices. Even though the site was not designed by a professional, you can make this transition on your own. Remember, your color scheme, as you do not want your customers to lose your customers with bad color scheme. You should also pay attention to include aspects of the project, such as font size and the amount of text/content in the site, content should be quality based, as it attracts lot of customers. You should adjust all these changes, so that the relevant information should appear the viewers of your website. Then use the model in separate tabs or pages or any other information available to the public.

Do not forget to test your site on a mobile device and ensure that it runs smoothly, loads quickly, and looks good inside and out. The mobile version of your website can actually increase your readership and customer base as most of the viewers are smartphones and tablets.

The Article is contributed by Lisa Bak. She is professional Web app developer in leading company in Dubai. She has contributed researched based articles in Web application development trends in the market.

Having Mobile Version of the Site

Online stores have moved to mobile versions so having a mobile version of the site is quite beneficial, and will be good impression for business in future

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