If you are not the kind of person who likes to spend a lot of time outside it can be hard to understand what the allure might be. This can make it very difficult when you want to buy a present for that special outdoorsman in your life, because you are not aware of what makes a good gift or even how to evaluate the quality of a gift. A good route to take is the novelty route, because the gifts are meant to be funny, and not taken seriously, so you do not have to worry that the gift is not something that he will ever use. These novelty gift ideas are sure to be a hit with outdoorsmen of almost any type.

The Hunter

Sometimes what gets lost in the hunt is the fun that can be had while laughing or having a good time. While looking for game the hunter has to be quiet and only when they are in the comfort of the cabin or at home are they able to relax a bit and just have a laugh. Jim Shockey’s Hysterical Hunts is a great way to combine the thrill of the hunt with the joy that a little bit of laughter can bring. The DVD is a collection of pranks and jokes that Shockey and his friends have played on each other over the years while they have been out hunting. Your hunter will laugh non-stop as he sees the kinds of antics these other men get in to, and your outdoorsman might even be tempted to try some of the ideas on his own friends. This is a great gift to remind hunters just how much fun it can be just to be in the field.

The Camper

Getting a fire lit is one of the challenges of camping, and if your outdoorsman is not a smoker, then it can be that much harder. Matches that break or will not light cause all kinds of problems, and the absence of a lighter might make starting the fire nearly impossible. The stainless steel Camping Matches are the solution. This is a small device that can be put on a key chain or worn in a belt loop that will ensure that the camper always has access to fire when he needs it the most. The match itself is stainless steel and fits inside the device, so there is no worry about breakage or dampness, just strike the match on the side of the device and the fire is ready to go in a moment.

The Fisher

Fishermen have a long history of novelty gifts, from the singing bass, to hats made with fish sticking out the sides. One of the newest and most innovative novelty gifts for fishermen is the Shell Bobber from Fishing Ammo. This is a bobber that is made to look just like a spent shotgun shell, so it is both interesting and functional. Your fisherman will be able to use it each time that he casts, and because the design is so unlike the other bobbers on the market he will immediately know which line is his. You can take the novelty even further and customize the bobbers when you order online direct for the manufacturer, making this a party favor that you can hand out at your next big gathering.

Novelty gifts are those funny and useful things that we give to those that we love. Each of these gifts are sure to get a smile out of the recipient and make them feel special that you took the time to think of them when you made the purchase.

I am Colleen Andrews and I have been married to an outdoorsman for ten years. I wrote this article to talk about some of the interesting gifts that I know my husband has enjoyed. To know more visit site – www.fishingammo.com