The Nuts and Bolts of Ink Cartridges

Cartridges are usually used in Inkjet printers in which the ink from the cartridges is deposited right on the paper for printing. There are two types of Ink cartridges: one of them is for black and white printing, the other one is for color printing. In the inkjet printers mostly both of these cartridges are placed for quality print outs. An electronic chip is also placed in these cartridges for the communication between the printer and cartridge.  One of the most convenient part of using cartridges ink is that they can be replaced and re cycled easily, it can expensive for the consumer to replace the Ink cartridges but there are ways to re-fill them.

The design

Cartridges Ink is deposited onto the paper through a metal plate that is heated with the help of a tiny current flow. The ink that comes in contact with this metal plate on the cartridge is converted into a bubble of steam; this bubble is pushed through the cartridge nozzle ending up at the printing paper. All of this process takes little bit of a millisecond. The heated metal can burn out if the ink level gets low in the cartridge as the ink plays a role of a coolant as well. Usually the consumer is warned when the ink level is low and it is strongly advised to either replace or refill the cartridge ink.


These inkjet printers might seem less expensive than other printing machine but the running cost of ink cartridges deviate the consumers from cost effective printing. With the latest technology taking big steps towards creating printers that are more cost effective, the cartridges ink will face a ultimate downfall soon. It can be cheaper at times to buy a new printer than to change the ink the cartridges, as the producers of inkjet printers like HP have priced new cartridges so high that an average person would think of buying a new printer instead. Consumers can get aftermarket cartridges from different local stores, these stores buy bulks of ink and re-fill recycled cartridges, and this technique helps the aftermarket producers to make cheap ink cartridges for the customers. However the quality of these re-filled cartridges is a big question that not everyone is able to answer to.


Buying a new cartridge can be expensive, to help consumers take full advantage of the inkjet printers. Refilling kits are provided by the producers. This kit contains a ink bottles and a syringe that helps in inserting the ink directly into the cartridge, the instructions are provided with the kit of how to insert the ink safely. Regulars can take the empty ink cartridges to local ink-refilling stations too, where professional re-fillers are available to refill them with ease, they charge a very low for the refilling.  The big ink jet printer companies like HP and Dell strongly condemn these local refilling stations as their estimated sales of cartridges and inkjet printers are hindered.

In the end its easy to say that using printers that are installed with cartridges can get hectic and expensive, there are many other printing machines available in the market that can suit the customers according to their demand.

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