Oregon Chai Tea Latte Concentrates, Mixes and teas

Oregon Chai is one of the most popular chai brewers in the US. This amazing story started in 1991 with four ladies and trip to Himalayas in India. They were finding miscellaneous things there during that she find this creamy and spiced tea.

She gave three years to her research of this delicious drink and give the name this Oregon Chai. From that day the company is owned by Kerry, Inc. their chai tea lattes contain clove, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger to give you the warm, spiced chai flavor you love.

They are working with natural Oregon Chai ingredients in farms and plantation where organic agriculturists foster recyclable resources and promote ecological balance. Almost all these Oregon Chai concentrates are above 90% organic and certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project verified.

Still they are trying to maintain the integrity of the original chai products. These Oregon Chai concentrate has 94% product and only 6% packaging. All packaging is made with responsibly sourced materials above 50% of USDA Organic seal which are recyclable.

They are also producing Oregon Chai Sugar Free Original, made with the sweetener Splenda. This is the only one concentrate which is not organic and all natural. Chai Direct is happy to offer the full line of Oregon Chai products, to individuals as well as coffee-houses.

Oregon chai recipe is very simple. Blend it, mix it, bake it – no matter how you prepare this Oregon chai, you’ll simply love it.

Ingredients in Oregon Chai Tea

(Original) Water, organic* evaporated cane juice, honey, organic* spices, organic* black tea, ginger, organic* vanilla, organic* natural flavors and citric acid. (*Organically grown and processed in accordance with the California Organic Food Act of 1990).

Sugar content: 18 grams (per 4 ounces).

Extreme amounts of caffeine can be dangerous. Chai contains almost half the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee. For the caffeine-sensitive, chai tea is the perfect anytime alternative, especially if you pick up our Caffeine Free Concentrate.

The caffeine amount above is for 1 serving of the concentrate, which then should be mixed with milk to desired taste. Oregon Chai comes in a number of flavors and formulations (including both caffeine-free and sugar free varieties).

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