Virtually every consumer wants to avoid being bombarded by unwanted emails, especially those coming from companies that just want to sell products, goods, or services. However, a selected few would every now and then opt to receive several emails from manufacturers or providers that they truly trust, provided that what is being offered is desirable or interesting.

This being the case, companies should make it a point to generate relevant marketing emails that are enticing or engaging to their targeted audiences. Experts have taught marketers to always create meaty content, and while this is true for the most part, it is certainly not the only way to pave the road towards successful and effective marketing campaigns. Here are a few other useful strategies which can make your email marketing message stand out.

Email marketing style

Time and again, marketers are told to create and deliver messages in an aesthetically pleasing manner. It’s a cliché, but some people in the industry completely disregard this practice for some reason. Therefore, it is a must to craft the contents of your email using cohesive and well-planned layouts. Keep in mind that these types of emails often pass through spam filters that completely disregard graphics such as logos, animations, or pictures, so you have to be careful in laying them out.

  • Make sure that all the essential information like your web address, business phone number, and office address are contained within the text portion of your message.
  • Instead of embedding graphics, upload them somewhere else and create image links to make sure that they will load up.
  • Carefully plan the initial line of your email body, because many email clients use them as a pre-header that allows the recipient to preview your message without actually opening it.
  • Your subject line is equally important. Try out several ones to see which subject gets a better response rate. It shouldn’t go over 60 characters because a lot of email platforms cut subject lines beyond this length.
  • Examine and update your email list once in a while to ensure that every single entry is valid and to avoid sending ones that will just bounce back to you.

Email marketing substance

Content, from the very essence of the word, must contain something relevant or useful based on your product, industry, or sector. Ultimately, it should make sense. As you read your draft, ask yourself: "What’s in it for the reader?" If you don’t have a clear answer this question after 300 words or so, then you might need to re-write it and figure out your purpose more precisely.

  • Focus on content above anything else.
  • Learn from other email marketing strategies sent to you to learn what yours should and should not have; but also take note of keeping your campaign original to really boost your authority and credibility. Ask yourself what sets you apart from spammers; remember that a spammy email marketing material is largely self-promotional yet irrelevant.
  • Keep a close eye on your competitors and understand what makes their promotion good or bad, or are they using new phone systems and technology; weed out the bad practices and take in what’s applicable to your business.
  • No matter how substantial your content may be, always ask permission from readers or recipients on whether they should be included on your email list. Don’t let a single unwanted email ruin your reputation.

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