Have you ever thought of getting into photography only to find yourself grasping where to and how to start? Photography requires more skills and understanding of the equipment and of the subjects to be captured. So becoming a photographer is not an easy task but is an enjoyable profession.

Maybe it’s in the camera, as you wonder and talked to yourself. Well actually, that is one. You really need to be equipped with the right kind of shutter box and knowledge in lighting. But you also need to be equipped with much more. Know that photography is one way to communicate. Photos communicate experiences and depth through one generation to others. In short, PHOTOGRAPHS DO SPEAK.

What we mean is, try to look at a birthday party picture of your kid. Did you notice how it made you smile by looking at those big smiling eyes with a cake smudge at the tip of his nose? It’s because you too felt that happiness of your child.

Another, whenever you are faraway from home or in another country, you share your experiences to your love ones by sending photos of the place and the people you were with during that moment. Hoping to tell them how you felt and that you were well.

Why not send photos that would really show the worthiness of that experience… a winning photo. Here’s how:

Every moment of your life, you deal with people. And people are one of the best subjects that you can capture. It is because people have emotions. Watch out for those emotions especially in those unconscious moments. The tears of happiness during the wedding, the wonder during birth, that anguish during pain, and that uncertainty when starting your first day at schools.

That sunset can be more meaningful if you include two couples sitting on the beach, with their backs on you, heads are together, watching the sinking of the sun on the horizon. The faraway look on faces of a vagabond draws a cord within the heart because each person had experienced that feeling of being alone or that loneliness. It is not hard to understand emotions of others because you too have this element.

Get your fast shutters ready and prepare when family events happen. Learn to watch people’s faces closely. And when you see it, be quick enough to record it. It would greatly help if you have that kind of camera that zooms in and out. Also, it would help if you will not be too watchful… experience the moment… be with the moment… then have an eye for that picture-worthy moment. Enjoy clicking!

Charlie is a free lancer writer and content builder of many Technology and blogging sites and he is giving some tips regarding portrait photography.