Would the intranet allow you manage all company documents and contents easily? Would it enable better workforce collaboration? Would it be a platform for future apps and integrations? Would it help you eliminate some manual forms and processes? Or would it be your way towards compliance certification?

Anytime , Anywhere…

The modern business has to be effective when it’s needed, regardless of where you are. With Precurio Anywhere, users can access documents and tasks or collaborate with team members from any device. Never be chained to a desk again.

Customize and Brand

We always tell our customers, “everything on Precurio can be customized”. From the look and feel to the layout to the underlying logic, there is no limit to what you can achieve. The reason for our confidence is simple, Precurio is built on a very solid framework and architecture and you have full access to the source codes.

Precurio Intranet Software

Comprehensive Features: Precurio intranet software has hundreds of intuitive features, plus enterprise-class features like Active Directory integration, Role-based Access Control, and many more.

Unique Design: Intranet software comes with a lot of feature, but only Precurio gives a unique design that allows you promotes the features your organization needs. This is the magic to intranet adoption.

Source Code Available: We provide our customers with the source code, so you can customize your intranet portal and even add new modules. No other enteprise-grade solution is this flexible.

Simple and Effective: Our software is designed to be simple to use and easy to adopt. There is no need to spend additional money on training, everyone will pick it up easily. We guarantee it!

Enterprise Features

  • Active Directory
  • Single Sign-On
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Enterprise Search
  • Industry Standard File
    Security & Privacy

Unique Architecture

We have the latest innovative architecture to support any design without compromising features and upgrades. Design your own unique intranet portal to achieve organizational objectives.

Easy to use

No need for user training. We carefully and expertly designed our portal interface to be highly effective whilst easy to use.

Powerful Group Sites

A powerful sub-site feature, allowing special purpose sites within the portal. HR wants its own site within the portal? Easily set one up in minutes.

Zero Vendor Lock-In

We give you access to everything, including the code. Want to build simple business apps on your intranet? Sure. Want to integrate the intranet with other internal solutions? No problem. We support the Open Platform Initiative

Industry Experience

10 years experience providing intranet solutions to these industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Mortgage Banks
  • Credit Unions

Precurio on the Go!

Your intranet can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Precurio makes it easy to work from the office, on the field or on the move to make sure you stay productive.

Any device of your choice

While the desktop has always been the preferred device for work, the world has evolved beyond the desktop. In the modern enterprise environment, users and managers need to access information and communicate on a wide variety of devices.

With our recently launched mobile version, optimized for most mobile devices; Now, you can access your intranet whenever you need to!

Wherever you go!

If you’ve ever needed to access a document, workflow, or even get a hold of a team member while you’re on the road, then Precurio has you covered. We’ve created the ultimate mobile office to access anyone and anything, at any time. Never be caught without the critical information you need, when you need it.

Collaborate with team members and stay productive even when you’re not in the office. Discuss ideas, check tasks, and more, all from any device that you have access to.

Workflow Automation

When it comes to the modern enterprise environment, one of the key elements many strive for is the paper-less office. The ability to streamline business processes and do away with countless forms that can not only slow down your operations, but lead to critical mistakes and issues. At Precurio, we have you covered.
The problem that most of the intranet applications that try to deal with this have is the incredible complexity and bloated applications offered to accomplish that. We have kept ours simple and easy to use. Because that’s what you asked for.

The paperless office

Stop the endless stream of internal forms and request memos that can be lost in the shuffle. Our workflows are adaptable and enable fast and efficient management of internal requests of all types.

Build forms with ease

With Precurio it’s easy to create new forms or edit existing ones with just a few clicks. Our full-featured administration systems make creation and management a breeze!

Increase efficiency and productivity

You can easily transfer, approve or reject requests with ease. You will never request paperwork again with our easy form and process management tools that make workflow a snap.

On premise intranet solution for the IT manager looking for a SharePoint alternative.

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Maximum Users50200100Over 200?
Deploy on Premise (in-house)yesyesyesyes
Deploy on Secure Cloudyesyesyesyes
Active Directoryyesyesyesyes
Major Upgrades & Patchesyesyesyesyes
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