Ways Real Estate Professionals Can Increase Sales with Facebook

As a real estate professional with a real estate licence, you probably rely solely on the sales that you make. You only make as much money as the homes that you sell to the public, so boosting sales is an incredibly important part of making a living. Thankfully, social media is now being used by a wide range of different working professionals. It is allowing normal businesses to reach out to those who they might not have otherwise found. Facebook, in particular, is a great social media site for you to use when it comes to your real estate business. There are many reasons why this particular site is one of the best out there.

Why Facebook is Beneficial to Realtors

There are multiple ways that real estate agents are finding Facebook to be beneficial to their businesses. It is because it allows them to reach out to those in the local area so that they are able to best match homes with potential buyers. Simply having an office and a folder of listings can be a difficult way to run a real estate business. It doesn’t allow you the chance to spread out and let the public know what homes are available to them.

Why Facebook is Beneficial to the Public on Facebook

Besides your own business, having your company expand to using Facebook can be beneficial to the public as well. It allows people close to the area to find what they want before they make the decision to set an appointment or go with another realtor. They can view pictures, look at prices and gather more information on the homes in the area that happen to be up for sale. This is an easy and convenient way for them to find the exact piece of property that they want.

Ways to Boost Sales Through Facebook

One of the first steps that you’ll want to take is to create a specific business page on Facebook for your company. This is relatively easy to do and should be free, though some companies will pay to better advertise and promote their page. Once you’ve set up the page for yourself, it is up to you to keep it updated with fresh and interesting content that the public is going to find useful. Before posting any listings of homes on your Facebook, you should get the consent of the seller. Let them know that putting their listing on your social media page could sell their home quicker, simply because this is a reality that could come to be.

Once the page is set up, you need to keep it updated routinely in order to get people interested in your company. If you only update your Facebook page once a month, people are going to forget about it and possibly even stop following it. When you keep the page constantly updated, you’re able to easily get people interested in what you’re all about. This is a fantastic way for you to get the public interested in homes that are on the market.

A great way to boost sales with Facebook is to just reach out constantly to those in the local area. Make sure that you have links on your website and even business card to your Facebook page. You will want to continually keep in touch with other local businesses to use each other as marketing tools. This will help you to get more people to your page without causing you to spend a fortune on advertising.

When making listings on your Facebook page, be sure to be specific and add a lot of pictures. This is going to allow people to get to know the home before they even make plans with you to see it. When someone comments on the picture with a question, make sure that you get back to them quickly. This shows good customer service, and it answers questions that they have and need answers to before they could even think of buying that particular home. If need be, get the seller involved on the Facebook page to really get the public interested in the home that’s for sale.

Having a Facebook page as a realtor with a real estate licence is a wonderful way to boost sales and business on one site. It doesn’t require a lot of marketing or advertising techniques, but it can do your business a world of good. As always, be sure to keep an eye on your page and get rid of anyone on there who is putting rude comments or is using your Facebook as a way to spam and advertise their own site.

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