Requirements to study a Master’s Degree

Admission requirements required from candidates are often more stringent where the level of prestige of the school they want to access is high. Business Schools,especially, and some colleges also require students to pass a selection process that includes several tests and interviews before they can assure a place on the seekinggraduate program.

Sometimes this process is slow, it is recommended to start the process several months before the start date of the program to ensure you have enough time to spend all these formalities and even search for other alternatives if thedesired points are not achieved.
These are the usual requirements:

Application for admission

It doesn’t matter if you will be studying in London, Edinburgh or Dublin; your first step needs to begin with an application. It is important to pay special attention to both the application and the documents to be attached because, through them, the centers make an initial selection of candidates.

Most often, the most prestigious centers require candidates presenting one or more letters of recommendation from college professors where they have attended college, and in the case of proving work experience which has been somehow responsible for job.
In all selection processes the transcript acts as a filter between the candidates who satisfy the requirement, so they often do accompany the application for admission.

Language Level

Often, within the access requirements established for some programs also includes knowledge of a second language. Generally, English is the language most requested, especially an access to an MBA program.

One certificate of English most commonly used is the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) , which measures the knowledge of the English language. This test is divided into three parts: grammar, vocabulary and comprehension.

Another of the most popular test is the IELTS (International Language Testing System). It is specially designed to evaluate the ability to speak, understand, read and write English. The British Council is the only center in Europe that offers this test, which can be performed in more than 30 countries.

Work experience

Some programs of technical and scientific area and many of the aspiring MBA require work experience to count from one to three years. In the case of master’s or doctoral programs with a heavy load of research programs, work experience is replaced by group work or research projects.


Some institutions conduct tests to check if the candidate has a basic knowledge on the basis of the program material.

The most widely accepted standard for business schools worldwide test is the GMAT ( Graduate Management Admission Test) , regulated by an international body , the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC ) , which is conducted in English over the Internet .
This test measures two types of capacity: mathematical and analytical writing and language. Scores between 200 and 800.To be admitted to a business school is necessary to obtain a minimum score of 600 points, but the most prestigious require more than 650 points.


The personal interview is mostly used by graduate schools to select their students and choose those that best fit the profile required for the filter program. In them, the coaches go over the results of tests conducted by the center, the academic background and work experience of the applicant.

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