Several years back, most people were very hesitant to make online payments because they were totally sceptical about the security of the online stores. Even for online bill payment, people did not trust the official websites of billing companies. Most people would generally feel that online bill payment was a loss of control over their hard earned money. Scepticism and uncertainty blocked the minds of the consumers who would then prefer writing cheques as opposed to online bill payment.

With the advent of new age technology and enhanced security measures, online payment has become much safer than before. Today, people are using the internet for making payments to tuition, mortgages, rents, credit cards, loans, etc. So, why should a person pay bills online? For beginners who are not aware of the benefits of online bill payment services—they can save money. Surprised? Yes, it is true that people who make online payments are actually saving money in terms of postage, late fees and travel.

Here is a simple example to illustrate the aforementioned point. Say a person receives a mobile bill payment in one of the remotest villages of Kerala. He has to travel to the bill payment centre, which is several kilometres away from his home. So, he takes an auto rickshaw to the bill payment centre. After making the payment, he takes another auto rickshaw to reach home. So, effectively, he has incurred a travelling cost along with the bill amount. If the same person used the internet to make the payment, he would have very a very nominal cost of using the internet. Thus, the benefit of mobile bill payment online Kerala is both visible and hidden.

Online bill payments are super fast as opposed to the snail-mail methods. When customers use the online payment methods, they can also keep a track of all the bills that they have paid. There are electronic records of all bills that the customer pays on the online bill payment websites. There are three main ways in which the customer can make bill payments online. First, they can use their banks for the payments. Second, they can use the biller’s site and third, they can use a third-party bill payment services. Since there are pros and cons of the different methods of online bill payment services, customers need to select the best method that suits their personal preferences.

Most people are indebted to one creditor or the other. Some people have many creditors and making payments to these creditors can be a cumbersome task. In such instances, online bill payment facilities are most recommended by experts. When customers have several bills to pay, they generally mess up their financial matters and are unable to manage their debt effectively. With online bill payment, these people can easily manage their bill and give an impetus to their financial status. Physical bills can add to the clutter in the home or office and maintenance of these records can be cumbersome as well. With online bill payment, everything is online and including the storage of the bill is also done electronically