The importance of SEO

The search engine optimization (SEO) of any company focuses greatly on the total profit the company attains annually. The SEO is basically the frequent times a website appears online when a customer looks for a certain product. For example, if there is a t shirt selling brand, the website needs to be active online as the online customers increase the GDP of the company annually. The moment a customer types “best t shirts” in a search engine, a certain website must provide its links all over the search engines. This is the process called SEO.


The companies have proven through statistics that SEO have proven to be beneficial for them. The products the companies have sold with the help of SEO have created even more customers for them. According to research, companies have now started spending a big part of their budgets on SEO so that they get increased sales. Some of the companies have started investing 66% of their budgets in their SEO. The marketers think of this investment as a huge improvement for their companies. Other companies have been noted to invest about 25% of their budgets in SEO. These are the strategies that the marketers believe are prone to get those benefits.


There are some other reports that show the effects on increase in the budgets of SEO on the companies. A majority of 40% of the companies who have invested more in SEO have gotten a profit of about 1-25%. Only 5% of the companies have faced downfall due to this investment. But there were about 29% of the companies who didn’t earn more nor did they lose anything. 18% of the companies had a massive profit from 26% to 50%. So these studies basically show that the companies who focused on SEO in a better way earned profits and others didn’t.

Due to its increased importance, the SEO has now been divided in a separate department. Beforehand, it came under the marketing department but now it has been given a separate recognition and importance along with the budget. The CEOs of the companies have also shown their favor to their SEO teams in their companies.

Beneficial for unemployed

Since the companies have started focusing on their SEO more and they need to invest more on them, they obviously need more people to run their SEO. This has proven to be very beneficial for the unemployed people. Over 45% of the companies say that their search teams have increased their employments. The 60% of the companies suggest that they would increase their search teams in the following years.

The future of SEO

The SEO teams in the companies have a bright future and set a bright future for the companies as well. The marketers have certain strategies that need to be followed by them in order to improve their SEOs of the companies. The strategies include:

  • Keeping in mind the search words
  • Content development improvement
  • Deepening of the analytics
  • Increasing the social presence

The above mentioned statistics show that the SEOs have been proven to be very beneficial for the companies as well as those who needed employment in marketing fields.

Author Bio: Gloria Philips is a content writer and she has several years working experience. Currently she is an SEO advisor for Best SEO Services India. She is also contributing and blogging for Company for SEO.