Creating a website is not sufficient to reach the top page on a Google Search Engine. You may need to market your site to make it reach millions of users who surf on the net on regular basis. It is also important to rank your site among the first two pages of the search engine, if you want to target your potential clients, consumer and users online. One of the quickest ways to find or locate something on the net is to use the facility of a search engine.

The technique that is utilized to enable any website reach a top ranking level is termed as (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. SEO makes your site easily accessible to search engines wherein users can avail all the required contents in a few click of seconds. There are several SEO techniques that can be adopted to enable your site reach the top level of the popular Google search engine.

Keep your site easy and readable:

It is important to keep your site as simple and in a right folder structure for Google to crawl over it effectively. Any exaggerated or gleaming flash images and graphics can block the easy readability by the readers. A good site map, accurate plans, and HTML readability can directly enhance the readability, user’s traffic and ranking of your website in a Google search engine.

The URL must be users friendly

Any search engine easily gets attracted towards a website address which is supported with easy and readable keywords separated by underscores and hyphens. It is also necessary to avoid numbers and codes on your main webpage which can easily put off a search engine from ranking your webpage to the top level pages.

Avoid Invisible flash

Avoid invisible graphics and flash images especially the one which are not supported with HTML text based descriptions. Any visible, readable and easy HTML Text content description can form the very base in ranking your site to the top level in a Google search engine.

Selecting the right Keyword

It is very crucial to do an in-depth keyword research to get sufficient information on the most common words and phrases that are used by users to serve their purpose online. You may have to ultimately decide upon the keywords which are commonly utilized by users to search for any particular site.

You can add selected keywords in your page content. However, it is important to avoid keywords which are spammed as this would directly affect the ranking for your site on a search engine.

Keep updated contents

Updating fresh and unique content on your webpage can keep your customers well informed about any recent developments. This will also make the search engines more alert about your website activeness and newly published contents. Any updated information can directly help in creeping up the ranking level of your site on a particular search engine.

Use social media

It is important to choose a right social media platform for promoting your blogs. This serves as the most important tool in any search engine optimization. Posting your valuable content to multiple social media sites can directly create a large numbers of backlinks to your website. It will ultimately increase the traffic as well as visibility for your site.

It is a great idea to educate self and become more familiar with the entire working of a Google search engine before implementing or following the above steps to rank no 1 on a search engine.

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