SEO: Off page optimization tips for beginners

Off page optimization of the website is required for placing the website at the top positions of several search engines’ result. Bloggers and website owner’s effort hard to find a place in the first pages of search engine results to attract regular traffic to their blogs.

The new entrants in blogging always search for tips to make their blog/site popular in the searches. Page optimization (Off-page and On-page) has emerged as a primary tool to acquire ranking in top results. Let’s find few off page optimization tips which are helpful for new bloggers.

Tips no 1 – Forum Posting

You can use different discussion center or forums to post links of their website; this will spread the name of the website and also will create a backlink from that forum. But some forum restricts posting links for new users. To overcome this situation you should wait for the right opportunity or try a different forum.

Tips no 2 – Blogging and Guest Posting

Blogging is a nice way to increase link reputation. Create your own blog about your company and then share the link of your website there. You can also post a comment to the blog of the same topic and the link of the website.

Tips no 3 – Link Exchanging

Link exchanging is an excellent tool for increasing link population in order to achieve perfect search engine optimization. Exchange your website’s link with the website of the same topic. You have to record their link in your website as friend website, and in return, they will also include your website’s link in their website.

Tips no 4 – Proper Anchoring

One of the methods of getting a higher position in search result is to create proper hyperlinks in the corresponding website. You should not use “click here” like phrases to identify a hyperlink to another website. “Click here” like links do not aid the search bots of search engines. So a fully qualified domain name should be mentioned while mentioning a hyperlink.

Tips no 5 – Cross linking

One popular method to optimize your website according to Google’s page ranking algorithm is cross linking. Your website’s every page should contain links of other pages of itself. Wikipedia can be a perfect example for interlinking. Search engine optimization is the most essential tool that works as a backbone of visibility of a website. Sooner someone sees a link of relevance sooner they get attracted and carried out by that link by using their services. This is the achievement of a successful SEO.

About the author: Kelly Marsh is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology, health and parenting. Beside this she is fond of games and gadgets. She also likes reading various articles on bornrich & gizmowatch

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