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Sera Labs is hence the premiere CBD brand, creating a company that is herbal and holistic, devoted to health and wellness. Our relentless push for first-class additionally approves us to offer the very best proportion of pure CBD in our products. We try to produce products that will:

  • Help keep the wholesome joint movement
  • Help you experience higher assured in your skin
  • Help support ordinary sleep cycles
  • We strategically pay attention to the most advanced scientific practices, along with the highest premium ingredients. This is needed to provide a product that is each secure and quality-consistent with a high-quality value pricing proposition for consumers.

Our Main Aim

Sera Labs is committed to our customers. We proudly develop and producer all of our merchandise in the USA. We use away both full-spectrum and isolate CBD derived from hemp that is organically grown barring herbicides or even pesticides, in clean, toxin-free soil and water. The hemp is then dispatched to an FDA authorized facility for CO2 extraction. This procedure eliminates all metals and toxins while shooting the CBD hemp extract that’s 99% pure and prosperous in therapeutic benefits. Because we extract CBD from the natural hemp plant, which has now been reclassified as an agricultural product, our CBD merchandise is THC free, protected for consumption, and will now not create a “high.”

CBD has the astounding capacity through which it can easily fight against the pain or the conditions of inflammation in the human body. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that CBD oil can give a stiff competition to the prescription medications! Can it leaves similar effects at the end or might come across some differences?

What Users have to Say About CBD?

CBD is one such product or the form of supplement, which is excellent in order to relieve you against stress or anxiety. CBD is not at all psychoactive, so CBD items would not be having any sort of side effects on any patient. CBD is undoubtedly known out to be an effective treatment as compared to any other medical marijuana in other cases.  All in all, cannabidiol has been offering so many essential benefits of the plant without giving out any sort of drawbacks.

Many people have experienced a specific improvement in their overall health functioning by using CBD. It can improve their appetite system and offer them a comfortable, relaxed sleep during the night time.  CBD provides the results, which are so much incredible and promising results. Yet, there have been so many specific examples related to the medical conditions of the CBD prescription drugs, which all its alternatives can alleviate. All in all, we would say that CBD is a lot helpful when it comes to the management of pain and some other sorts of physical or psychiatric conditions.

Why choose us?

When you buy any sort of products from Sera Labs, you know that you are getting CBD merchandise you can trust. We supply the highest quality raw substances and have all our merchandise examined by third-party laboratories for purity and consistency, permitting them to be a step above other brands. Our company’s goal is to grant CBD products that are one hundred percent protected to use and consume. We embody holistic and herbal methods to permit you to get on with your day. We at Sera Labs are devoted to offering you with the whole thing you’ll want to aid your health & wellbeing journey!

All of Sera Labs’ first-class products include CBD Tincture Oils, CBD Gummies, as well as CBD Capsules, CBD Soothing Creams, and CBD Pet Tinctures for dogs and cats. Sera Labs’ most recent version is a splendid CBD skincare line that addresses your wrinkle and facial needs.

List of important Products

  • SeraRelief Rapid Soothing Muscle Joint Cream with CBD
  • SeraRelief Rapid Soothing Muscle Joint Cream with CBD 3-pack
  • SeraRelief Rapid Soothing Muscle Joint Cream with CBD 5-pack
  • SeraRelief Full Spectrum Premium Pure CBD Oil 1000mg
  • SeraRelief Full Spectrum Premium Pure CBD Oil 1000mg three ct
  • SeraRelief Full Spectrum Premium & Pure CBD Oil 1000mg 5 ct
  • SeraRelief Full Spectrum Premium & Pure CBD Oil 500mg
  • SeraRelief Full Spectrum Premium & Pure CBD Oil 500mg 3 ct
  • SeraRelief Full Spectrum Premium & Pure CBD Oil 300mg
  • SeraRelief Premium Pure Full Spectrum CBD Gummies 200mg
  • SeraRelief Premium Pure Full Spectrum CBD Gummies 200mg 3-pack
  • SeraRelief Premium & Pure Full Spectrum CBD Gummies 200mg 10-pack

If we talk about the prescription painkiller medications, then they are generally made from the chemicals which are used for mitigating the pain condition. They might often bring with some severe long-term outcomes for the human body. There are different types of painkillers in which we have the names of Oxycontin as well as Fentanyl. 

Doctors prescribe them after the procedure of various surgeries for pain reduction. It is also available at an affordable price range. These medications are often acting as opioids, which means that they are releasing a suitable amount of dopamine, creating for giving a human body with absolute relaxation over time. But sometimes using such medications can work like drugs, and they can cause the circumstances of addiction.

In the middle of the full-spectrum CBD oil, it can often come across as suitable as a substitute for the sake of certain prescription meds. It will generally work on the human body and its overall functioning.

No matter whether it is about the prescription pills or the CBD supplements, you should be consuming it according to the dosage amount that has been set by your doctors. Sometimes overdosage amounts can give your body some worst side effects as well. Consult your doctor first to use them on a daily basis.

To sum up the discussion, we would be concluding CBD products to be a lot effective as compared to prescription medicines. They are cheap, readily available, and do not encounter any side effects.

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