Seven Creative Ways to Use QR Codes for Online Marketing

QR codes are one of the most effective as well as cheap marketing techniques that can be used by the entrepreneurs for bridging the gap between the online and offline world. The users can simply scan the barcode with the help of their phone and thereafter with the help of mobile apps get redirected to the official website of the particular brand whose barcode it is. Thus marketing a product has become really easy as well as convenient with the use of quick response code.

Here are some creative ways of using QR codes that will be helpful for online marketing:

On Brand label

The labels of the different clothing brands or consumer goods or like products are one of the best places for using the QR code. If a consumer likes a particular product while dining in the restaurants, they can take a picture of code and use it to find out more information. Thus creating effective sales leads for the company in the cheapest way.

On Flyers, Brochures and business cards

These three print medium of marketing are used universally by companies offering various services. The designers can creatively use the QR code in any of these three advertising medium to draw more clients. If the customers are interested in the services or products offered by the company, they can use the barcodes to get further information and thereby get a good sales lead.

On products

Placing the QR codes on the products sold by different companies can also be an important means for creating brand awareness. Whenever customers buy a gadget or other products, they would like to know about the features of the product or see a live demonstration for installing the product. In such cases, the QR code could be really helpful. These codes will lead them to the right page within seconds from their mobile phone and aid in promoting the other products offered by the same brand.

On invoices

The QR codes can also be included in the invoices of the products. The customers might use it to know about the store and get interested in the online shopping options. This will definitely increase the sales figure of the enterprise and also aid in establishing some long term relations.

On Windows of store

The entrepreneurs can also decorate the windows of the store with QR codes which would lessen the chance of losing a client when the store is closed. The customers can take a picture of the code displayed on the window to get redirected to the online store of the same brand to buy products and get it delivered at their doorstep. Therefore, the QR codes will be useful for the clients as well as the entrepreneurs.

On magazines

You are mostly going to see QR codes on popular magazines, journals and newspapers. Though these are some of the conventional means for using the QR codes, nonetheless it is extremely effective as the papers and magazines are read by a large number of people. Therefore, while advertising a particular brand on any of these mediums do not forget to furnish unique QR codes.

On promotional gifts

Whenever you are distributing some promotional gifts to your clients, inclusion of the QR code on it is a must. It will certainly help in generating substantial leads for the company and the enterprise are going to get good return from it.

These are some of the creative ways of using Quick Response codes. Make the best use of these innovative offline techniques to generate valuable leads that will certainly increase the sales figure of your company.

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