Travelling solo is an adventure in its own. You are your own boss and guide and can choose exactly what you want to do and when. Travelling with your loved one or just your family has its perks too; but when it comes to travelling in a big group, a little more forethought and planning is required. Getting a big bunch of people together to explore the same places, enjoy the same adventures be it golf in India or skiing in the Alps, requires some serious thinking so you don’t get on each others’ nerves!

It can be an absolute riot travelling with a large group and can really add other dimensions and flavours to a trip. But bring a long holiday with clashing personalities together and  things can go a little sour when you start getting under foot. Here are a few tips to help you survive a holiday with a large bunch and how to keep things as smooth as possible.

Pick the right travel buddies: Very often people just collect a random bunch of friends, acquaintances of family members and plan a holiday. Remember just because you get along with a few of them in a limited scenario like happy hour or at work, doesn’t mean it is going to be smooth sailing on a long trip. Choose to travel with people you are truly comfortable with and ones that will be at ease with each other. Finding people who have the same love for travel as you do and are as interested in the destinations you want to explore is always a big plus.

Plan for a varied range of activities: When you have your travel group picked out, everyone should ideally start researching the place you are planning to visit and pick all the activities they would like to do and sights they would love to cover. Make a list and schedule if possible of all the things you guys would like to try together as a group and plan on days when you can do them, like an afternoon playing golf in India or a day on the lake instead for example. Off course there will always be activities not everyone is keen about, so keep some time for people to do what they would like on their own as well; and it always helps to have a little ‘me’ time. Even if you are the best of friends, do realise that every one will have their own priorities so try and do as much fun stuff as you can together but never pressurise or be pressurised into doing things you don’t want to.

Discuss budget: Money can be a tricky issue since some people may have sky high travelling budgets while others may be on a shoe string one. Be upfront about what your holiday budget is and how much you are comfortable spending. This will make getting travel arrangements, accommodation and activity options done a lot easier for everyone involved. It can get awkward talking about money, but do remember that how much you can spend will dictate where you go, what spots you can visit, where you will eat or stay and a lot more. Travelling with people who have a budget on the similar lines will be far easier and if you are going with someone who can’t spend as much as you, do be considerate and accommodating.

Be realistic: Travelling, especially long journeys to exotic locales can sometimes be difficult, tedious and even stressful. Tempers may flare or irritations may occur, so learn to deal with it in a calm and collected manner. If you find yourselves snapping at each other, take a break spend some time alone and regroup. And off course if you are with close friends simply laugh it off and consider it another anecdote of a fun holiday!

Happy Journey!

Bio- Ella M is a freelance writer and passionate about travelling. From golf in India to scuba diving in Jamaica, she loves exploring new destinations and activities with her husband. She is currently working on her first book.