Sweepstakes Ninja is a revolutionary new software application, that significantly increases your chances of winning amazing prizes. Most sweepstakers say when they win and get a prize delivered to their door, they are excited. The cool thing is, that could be you. Join this elite group! Sweepstakes Ninja helps to make that a reality. And how does it work? Simply click a button, and watch it enter for you!

It is EASY! It is FUN! And it could make you a winner!

We’ve had happy winners!!

  • Cash prizes of $100,$250,$500,$1000, and even a grand prize of $10,000!
  • Books, CDs, Movie Tickets, Customized Prizes, Expensive/Luxury watches
  • Vacation packages, hotel stays, and luxury resort packages worth over $1,000!
  • Computers, iPads, iPods, Accessories, and a $30,000 Sportscar!
  • Plus hundreds of other prizes!

And how is this software beneficial to you?

  • Easy to Use! – This software is exceptionally easy to use! All you have to do is push a button, and watch as it enters you into hundreds of sweepstakes! There are usually at least 300-350 sweepstakes in the database at any given time.
  • Time to do the things you love! Sweepstaking is fun, but it can be incredibly time-consuming! Especially if you have to enter entries by hand, every single day! Can you imagine entering by hand? 300-350 entries would take you at least 2-3 hours, DAILY! With Sweepstakes Ninja, it only takes MINUTES! Sweepstakes Ninja gives you immediate access to hundreds of amazing sweepstakes, all with the touch of a button! In fact, we had one member write us and tell us that because of all the time he saved, he was able to enter and focus on sweepstakes that he really wanted to win, and won a $30k Sports Car!
  • Bonus Sweepstakes! – From time to time, you will get bonus/exclusive sweepstakes. These are sweepstakes that we’ve found and have high chances of you winning them. In one of our newsletters, based on the advice we gave, we had 7 members each win $1,000! 
  • Elite Membership! – When you upgrade to the premium membership, you join an elite group of individuals and get special, exclusive access to the Private Forums section in the Sweepstakes Ninja forums. In this section, you get access to sweepstakes that we’ve scouted that have excellent odds of you winning! We had a  member who won $10,000, plus many other prize winners such as t-shirts, mugs, gift cards, posters, and more!
  • It is fun! No more searching for sweepstakes, getting tired because you can’t find what you want! Sweepstakes Ninja features a ‘Big Sweepstakes’ database, which lists sweepstakes with a combined prize pool of several million dollars! All you have to do is navigate and find what you want to enter!
  • DQ (Disqualification) Protection! – The software helps prevent you from being disqualified in a number of ways! First, it makes sure you are only entering as much as you are allowed to enter. Sponsors love this. Second, it enters from your OWN computer. Sponsors really love this. (Most other services will enter from ‘one central computer, which can easily get you disqualified). Third — you see exactly what you are entering, in real-time! You get to watch the software entering successfully!
  • Sweepstakes are submitted from YOUR computer, and YOU have control over what sweepstakes you enter! Unlike other services which can easily get you disqualified by submitting from a central location, Sweepstakes Ninja runs from your own computer, and you control which sweepstakes you enter! 
  • Amazing Customer Service! The software is constantly being improved, you get access to new features as they become available, plus if you have any questions, get an e-mail response in a timely fashion! Generally speaking, someone will reply to you within 24-48 hours, if not faster!
  • Plus much more!

So how does Sweepstakes Ninja work? It really is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. You simply enter where you would like prizes to be sent, should you win.
2. The software automatically finds sweepstakes for you from various companies. You choose which ones you want to enter.
3. You press a button, and watch it enter!

And that’s it!

For more specific details, this is precisely how it works:

1. Once you become a premium member, Sweepstakes Ninja is a software application that you download to your computer. Once you run it, your license will automatically become activated. The software will then automatically check for any new sweepstakes, and download them to your computer. You then fill in a short profile

2. There are two ‘main’ parts to the software. One part is called the “Ninja” Sweepstakes, and the second part are called “Your Sweepstakes”, that you can get from the ‘Big Sweepstakes’ database.

Ninja Sweepstakes:

The software will search the online database for a list of current “Ninja” sweepstakes. This list is constantly updated, and at any given time, there are usually at least 300 “daily” Ninja Sweepstakes. 
Ninja Sweepstakes are sweepstakes that you can enter with the push of a button. You choose what kinds of prizes you want to win and what sweepstakes you want to enter. You then click a button, and watch it enter. If you chose to enter all 300, it would take about 10-15 minutes. Compare this with doing it by hand — which would take you at least 5-6 hours. Imagine doing that for a month. You would be working for about $0.50/hour. If your time is worth more than that, then this software saves you an immense amount of time, plus let’s you do the things you love!

Your Sweepstakes/Big Sweepstakes Database:
This is an area where we have personally found “large” sweepstakes. It is a collection of sweepstakes that are generally worth several million dollars. You get to pick and choose which sweepstakes you want to enter here as well. You can then save these sweepstakes to your own personal database.

3. And then that’s it! 

You push a button, and watch as the Ninja sweepstakes get entered! For the “Your Sweepstakes”, you choose which ones you want individually, and enter those by pushing a button too!

This is truly amazing software. Here are some just some of the quotes of what other people are saying! (In addition to the ones we have listed on our homepage!)

You have a winner!

Neat software… you have a winner! (Pardon the pun :)) – Mike
I am now a Believer!!

I won !! It was definitely one of your sweepstakes because I don’t enter “those” type of sweepstakes on my own. Thank you Sweeps Ninja…. You shined through!! – Brandi

Wow! Just found out that I won a Cd from Celebrity Cafe! I have been entering their contests for years, and had never won anything from them before. After using Sweepstakes Ninja for just a week, I was so excited to learn that I had finally won something! Wow! Thank you Sweepstakes Ninja! (I know it was Sweepstakes Ninja because I had not entered this Celebrity Cafe sweep by entering manually) You’re terrific!
 😀 – Terry
Win from Ninja today!

Just got a email I won a daily score tote bag fm the daily score sweepstakes……Thanks Ninja! – Michelle
New Win!Just received an email that I won… I love to win! Thanks! Could not have done it without NINJA! – Betty

So how do you get started today?

The software is only $29/month. If you like it, you can keep it at the regular rate thereafter, otherwise it is very easy to cancel. Just send an e-mail, or click a link, and we will take care of it. But I think you will love it! 🙂 (Especially with all the amazing feedback I’ve received!)

This is an amazing deal, considering the fact that you get hundreds of Sweepstakes at your finger tips, excellent customer support, excellent chances of winning some amazing prizes, plus much more!

Let’s look at it this way… If you were to find and enter 300 Sweepstakes on your own per day…  Let’s say you were extremely fast, and it only took you 30 seconds to find, type, and enter the Sweepstakes… without any breaks. That would be 2.5 hours/day. And, let’s say you did it every day for 30 days. That would be 75 hours, or 1.5 work weeks. The software is only $29/month. $29/75 hours= $0.39/hour. So if you made “less” than 40 cents per hour — then you should do it by hand. Otherwise, the software saves you an immense amount of time and money, plus gives you the chance of winning some amazing prizes!

Put another way… It is the price of dinner and a movie ONCE… But the difference is — with the software — you could win BIG! With the dinner & movie… that’s it!

So this software is truly great!

For less than the price of a daily scratch card or lottery ticket, you can significantly increase your chances of winning prizes, and winning more often.

With lottery tickets, you compete against millions of other contestants. With Sweepstakes Ninja, you will find and enter a vast variety of sweepstakes, some with less than 100 entrants!

Plus, when you win, you can get cool and amazing prizes delivered to your door.

Use Sweepstakes Ninja today, to help you increase your chances of winning, and more often!

Why not try it out now for one month? If you like it, you can continue. If you don’t, it is very easy to cancel. But the thing is — I believe you’ll LOVE it, and that we’ll be able to add YOUR name to the list of testimonials listed above! 🙂

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