Sweet Tidings for a truly Merry Christmas!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” goes the refrain of a popular Christmas folk song. And with November turning into December and the nip in the air turning to a freezing cold, conjures up visions of Saint Nick, silver bells, family feasts, the Christmas tree and mistletoe! Sure the focus of the season is all about the spirit of Christmas and the warmth and love a family shares around this time. Most importantly though, Christmas is also the perfect time to spruce up the home and introduce a new theme into the decor of the home! And here are a few ideas that we’re sure will liven up your home this holiday season.

1) Deck the halls, and most everything with holly!

Holly wreaths are a beautiful and time honored Christmas tradition and decoration. Normally hung as a welcome on the door of a homestead, holly makes an interesting addition to virtually any space. And it doesn’t just have to be restricted to holly wreaths; you can deck pretty much anything with holly. How about a lovely red and green table cloth with holly wreaths aplenty? Or how about a contemporary twist on the traditional, holly wreaths in the multiple hues of the rainbow? Consider it, holly is extremely versatile and can have multiple uses. All you need is a touch of imagination!

2) Christmas themed drapes, after all it is that time of year!

Christmas is a time when all of us get nostalgic about family, memories and times spent celebrating. One key ingredient of those celebrations was greeting cards and beautifully decorated gifts. Now here’s a thought, take those two elements and transform them into drapes! How can you do that? Quite simple, retrieve your favorite Christmas cards from storage, scan them, get a friend or your kids to conjure up some Photoshop magic (or simply use one of the many image enhancement software available free online), and get these printed on drapes, table cloths and bedspreads! In this way, you’ll be creating your own bespoke line of holiday drapes you can use all year round!

3) Of stockings on the walls…

Another time honored Christmas tradition is of hanging stockings on the walls for Santa to stuff to the brim with candy and presents. How about taking that tradition and giving it a contemporary twist? Here’s a thought, curios in the shape of stockings, like ashtrays, paperweights and even pen holders placed thoughtfully around the house, are more than just a cute way of reminding everyone to be nice, lest they find their stockings empty, come Christmas morning!

4) Colors of the season

Prepare a holiday shade card. Remember some of the colors associated with Christmas are quite powerful shades, like red, green, gold and silver. Judiciously use these colors with softer tones to accentuate the decor of the home. Don’t overdo one shade or all in combination with each other, lest your home turn into the ghost of Christmas never. Remember that these shades when used wisely can really add to the beauty of a room. Using one of these shades in isolation may also be a good idea depending on the kind of effect you are looking to create.

5) Gift shaped pillows and pillow covers

Give your couches and beds the gift treatment. Since Christmas is the season of gifting and joy, wouldn’t it be fun to leave gifts strewn all over the place? Throw pillows in the shape of gifts and gift wrapping themed pillow cases are an excellent way of incorporating a bit of Christmas cheer into your living room and bedrooms!

About the author:
Melroy Pinto is an online home d├ęcor consultant.. He loves interacting with clients and has been designing quirky spaces for a good 15 years.

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