3 Large Scale Outbreaks

With the world as it is, there is no surprise that more and more outbreaks of illness and other harmful things to a person’s health have become more and more common. Our food has been tainted with chemicals of all sorts, some of which have been proven to cause cancer and other disorders, while others have not even been around long enough to measure if they have been harmful to our health or not. Livestock has been pumped full of hormones and other chemicals which have also been proven to be harmful to people’s health in all kinds of ways. It seems as if there is really no place to turn, well other than buying organic (but, we all know how expensive that can be.) It seems as if, with all the industrial farming going on in the country, that it has resulted in haphazard care when it comes to making sure the food is safe for human consumption. There have been numerous cases over the years that have proven this fact, and here are some of the most serious ones that we have seen during our lifetime: