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QWERTY’s back: Is the BlackBerry Q10 worth it?

Before Apple dominated the smartphone market, BlackBerry was the king of mobile handsets. Back then, touchscreens were rare, and the alphanumeric “qwerty” keyboard of Blackberry phone was the industry standard for input and navigation. With the emergence of iPhones and other touchscreen-equipped devices from Android, the QWERTY lost its appeal and functionality: it would be unwise to waste the face of a mobile device with a permanent keyboard fixture. The end became apparent for the once-loved mobile phone keyboard when virtual keyboards evolved to become more tactile and intuitive, giving rise to haptic feedback, type-and-swipe, and auto-correct features, among others. But with BlackBerry’s latest attempt to salvage its brand, we see new smartphones sporting the iconic BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard. One of these devices is the Q10, a full-fledged smartphone running the new BlackBerry OS 10. With the lukewarm reception of BlackBerry’s first OS 10 gadget, the Z10, the future of the Q10 is highly questionable. Is this device really worth the time, money, and attention? Does adding a full QWERTY keyboard enough to convince everyone to bite into the “other fruit” of the smartphone market? Read more to find out.