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The Galaxy Tab 3: Android’s Frontliner

The day that every Android enthusiast has been waiting has finally comes. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab’s 3rd generation was released on July 7th and it’s set to take the world by storm with no less than three different size offerings. At 7, 8 and 10.1 inches, no stone has been left unturned with what has now

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom a Viable Product?

There was some debate on the merits of Samsung’s latest announced product, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the moment people got word that the Korean manufacturer was going for a smaller, telephony-capable variant of its much-maligned Galaxy Camera. Branding issues, aesthetic concerns, and speculation over the device’s actual utility are all part of the discussion. It’s

Tech Rumors: Galaxy S4 All Set for Q1 Release

We’ve barely made it through the first month of the year but there are already rumors about the next big thing in mobile technology. As early as the second week of January, buzz about the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been spreading throughout the Interwebs. And no, it’s not just a glorified fan fiction blown out

Samsung Gains Position as "Fifth Horseman" of Tech

According to those who are in-the-know in the electronics and software world, there are Four Horsemen of Tech – just like in the apocalypse. These four are seen to be the heralds of new and landscape-changing technologies, the yardsticks by which other brands and manufacturers are measured. They would be very familiar to anyone who