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8 Reasons to Consider Migrating Your Business to Windows 8

You might have asked yourself countless times if you should really start migrating your entire business operations to the all-new Windows 8 operating system. If you keep worrying about how it’s going to be outdated soon or if you keep moaning about how tedious and costly the process of upgrading may be, then stop right there. Here are eight (8) solid reasons why you should move your business to Windows 8.

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Why Windows 8 is a Disappointment to Desktop Users

If you are a Windows OS aficionado, you should know by now that Windows 8 has been around for a while. And most likely, you are still on Windows 7. According to StatCounter, Windows 7 is still taking up more than 50 percent of the market share as the most widely used operating system for computers, and it is not really good news for Microsoft. We are a ‘touchscreen’ generation, with the abundance of tablets and smartphones, and the tech giant anticipated that. The problem is they might have prioritized the idea of making the recent OS a bit too touch-friendly.