It can be difficult to choose a car for your teen. There are several factors, which must be considered before choosing one a suitable car for them. You have to consider the safety, ease of use, and reliability of the vehicle according to the driving environment. Most of the parents find it difficult to choose an affordable car satisfying all of these characteristics. With the recent development in the automobile industry, it is possible to choose a car with all of these qualities.

Important Safety Features for a Teen Driver

Some important qualities that you should look out for at the time of car selection are listed below.

  • Electronic stability control (ESC): Electronic stability control is necessary to have feature in a teen’s car. This feature controls an unstable car with the help of engine power and braking. Most of the teen drivers tend to drive faster and this mechanism ensures the stability of their car at high speed. It is a necessary requirement in all the cars manufactured after 2009.
  • Avoid unstable vehicles: You should avoid unstable vehicles for your young teen drivers. Most of the small sports vehicles are comparatively stable because of a high value of their centre of gravity. These cars are susceptible to rollovers during an over-correction or at the time of losing control. Choose a stable car with electronic stability and traction control.
  • Cars with a front collision warning: According to records, most of the teens are involved in frontal collisions. Cars with a front collision warning ensure that the driver gets a warning in case a collision is going to happen. This mechanism uses multiple sensors to sense any such happening even if the driver is unable to notice them. Volvo XC60 was packed with front-collision warning system.


  • Proper Side air bags: The records show that teenage drivers are most likely to be involved in run-of-the-road crashes. This type of crashes may lead to rollovers and deeper injuries. Choose 3-4 years used car because 5 to 10 year older cars do not have the protective side bags or equivalent safety features.

Best Used Cars for Teens

Here is a list some of the safest and protective cars for teen drivers.

  • Honda Accord: Honda Accord is known for its reliability and it a big car because of its interior volume. Choose an economic version of the car preferably the four-cylinder engine. However, this car is on the expensive side of your budget because of its high resale value.
  • Toyota Corolla: It is one of the safest choices for cars purchased for teens. It is a reliable car and highly fuel-efficient. It has a conservative style, which discourage any reckless driver behavior.
  • Volkswagen Jetta: It is an adorable car and comparatively smaller. It is powered by a 2.5-liter 5-cylinder engine and offer efficient performance. Try to get the 2009 model because of its reliability and electronic stability control feature. You can get it for less than $14,000 with an insurance premium of $3,500.


  • Ford Focus Sedan: Ford Focus Sedan version is known for its agile handling, classic interior, and composed driving experience. The 2.0-liter engine gives an average performance and an average 26 mpg. It is available with ESC control in all the models after 2010. You can get the Ford Focus Sedan 2010 model for $12,500 with an insurance premium of $3,800.


  • Mazda 6: This car will offer a combination of sporty look and reliability of any Sedan car. This car has ample space and offers a comfortable driving experience for new drivers. It is economical with a 24 mpg average and comes with high-quality interior.
  • Hyundai Sonata: Hyundai Sonata is full of safety features and it is a reliable car. It comes with ESC as a standard feature in all used cars along with side air bags. It is powered by a 2.6-liter 4-cylinder engine and offers an economic average of 23 mpg (2008 model). The 2009 model offers 26 mpg and suits your affordability criteria. You can find a 2009 model for $11,200.

These are some of the best used cars available for teens and you can stay relaxed in your home with your teen using any of these cars.

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