Steel is known to have many properties, which are conducive to architecture and construction. Malleability, flexibility, ductility and resistance are a few of these properties. The best buildings around the world have been constructed with a steel core foundation. A lot of these structures are architectural marvels and have broken world records. However, there are also a few structures which have been completely constructed from steel. These steel structures make jaws drop and heads turn even today. Mentions below are a few of them:

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, USA:

Designed by Frank Gehry, one of the best architects of his time, this architectural spectacle is the fourth hall of the LA music hall. Apart from its marvelous exterior, this structure is known to have some great acoustics too, providing a great theatre room experience. Most of the building is designed with stainless steel which has been dulled down to a matte finish so as to avoid surface heating.

The Gateway Arch, St. Louis, USA:

With a whopping width and height of 630 feet, the gateway arch is the tallest structure in the USA and also happens to be Missouri’s tallest inhabitable structure.  Also known as ‘The Gate To The West’, The Gateway Arch symbolizes the USA’s extension towards the West. It was built with 900 tons of solid stainless steel and is known to sway safely with high winds. About a million tourists visit the zenith of this marvel every year.

The Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA:

We have all seen this great steel giant in movies and television. The Brooklyn Bridge is almost 6000 feet long and is the oldest of its kind in the country. It was opened in 1883 and was the first ever bridge to use steel suspension wires for support. It connects Manhattan and Brooklyn and has been standing proud for the last 127 years.

Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney, Australia:

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is known for its spectacular appearance and view as much as its architectural finesse. Locally known as The Coat Hanger because of its arched appearance, The Sydney harbor Bridge currently holds two world records, namely the widest long span bridge record and the tallest steel arch bridge record. The Sydney Harbor Bridge was inaugurated in 1932 along with the infamous Sydney Opera House.

US Steel Tower, Pittsburgh, USA:

As the name suggests, the main frame as well as the exteriors of the Steel Tower is made from anti – corrosive steel that withstands even the most extreme weather conditions. It is 64 stories high and is one of the tallest steel structures in Pittsburgh. Built with around 40,000 metric tons of structural steel, the US Steel Tower offers 2,300,000 square feet of office area and can be seen from as far as 80 km away.

The Centre, Hong Kong:

One of the few structures in the world that are entirely constructed of steel, The Centre is the 14th tallest structure in Asia. With 73 stories of towering height, The Centre has an official height of about 346m. Its construction commenced in the year 1955 and it was completed efficiently in a span of 3 years.

The Empire State Building, New York City, USA:

Perhaps one of the most popular American structures to be featured in movies and books, The Empire State Building holds the impressive record of being the world’s fastest build structure as it was built in a short span of 13 months. It took 7,000,000 man hours to be completed and was inaugurated by President Hoover on May 1, 1931.

Author Bio: Ted is a renowned architect who is known to have designed some of the greatest buildings in the world. He is a little eccentric by nature and is also an artist. He claims that these factors are his inspiration when it comes to designing the most innovative steel structures in the world.

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