The Blackberry: A Septuagenarian’s Review

The following is a review written by a 74-year-old Blackberry user who is quite convinced that her smart phone is the greatest, for reasons that are both practical and heartwarming.

Hello, dears. My name is Mrs. Katherine Andersson; but my friends call me Kathy. I have just turned 74 on my last birthday and I feel great about that. I am writing this review of The Blackberry because I heard on the news that the makers of my phone, whose company is called Research in Motion (RIM), are in serious financial trouble, and I guess I want to help them convince people that their product is very good. I also learned that they are from Canada, and I have many Canadian friends whom I play canasta with, and I know they are good people.

On my birthday three years ago, my son Andy gave me The Blackberry Curve 8250, and it is the phone I have been using since. (Except that time when I accidentally left it in my shopping cart and did not get it back until I remembered to ring it the next day and the grocery store manager returned it to me – but that was entirely my fault.) Here are some reasons why I think The Blackberry is the greatest phone ever invented.

The Blackberry is easy to use

At first, I was intimidated – The Blackberry seemed too high-tech and hard to use. I especially didn’t like the little black patch on the center, because there was nothing like that on my old phone (it had keys that point up, down, left, and right). Later on, I learned that it is called a track pad, and it is indeed easier to use and faster than the arrow buttons. Also, it felt really high-tech and my friends were quite impressed by it. After I mastered the use of the track pad, I realized that this phone is special, and that I will have fun using it to get in touch with my son as well as his wife and kids. Most especially, The Blackberry was the way I could talk to my daughter Carolyn. She lives in Philly so she seldom visits, and I miss her very dearly.

Here’s more proof that The Blackberry is easy to use: Georgie. She is my best friend and a self-confessed technologically-challenged person (for example: she botched the new answering machine her sweet daughter Sylvie bought for her, so the phone never rings and all calls go straight to voice mail). This same Georgie had little trouble learning how to type a text message in The Blackberry that I practically spent just two hours to teach her, and she got it right away.

The Blackberry has a Blackberry Messenger

Andy taught me how to use The Blackberry Messenger to send messages to Carolyn , and she literally takes only minutes to respond (though not always, because she’s very busy). This is actually the top reason why I love this phone.

The Blackberry has a BrickBreaker

Brickbreaker is an ingenious game I play on The Blackberry. (There are also other games, but I will only talk about this one, to be brief.) The object of the game is to destroy the bricks using a ball and a paddle, which you move using the track pad. It is definitely very exciting and entertaining, and I can literally spend hours playing it; that is, until I have to recharge The Blackberry’s battery.

There you have it. I really hope that the people who get to read this will see how The Blackberry is a great device, specially as a business phone and it would be a great shame if they stop making these little gems. I, for one, will be very sad because with it I feel closer to my children, even if they are hundreds of miles away.

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