The Different Purposes of Social Media Networks

It cannot be denied that social media changed the way people use the Internet. When Facebook and Twitter started to make an explosion, people got more reasons to stay online. Unlike the common impression, though, it is not just about staying connected. It is not just about keeping in touch and keeping them updated about what’s happening to friends, families, and everyone else in between who are in their friends’ list Internet users log in to Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites for far more reasons beyond that.

For Business

Although email marketing and SEO prove to be effective tools for boosting the success of one’s business, social media networks are also being widely used for the same purpose of building reputation and good impression. Business owners hope that they will be able to build a strong foundation enough to convert “Like-rs” to actual customers.

There are many different ways that business owners use Facebook, Twitter, and the rest as a marketing tool. First, they put up a fan page where people can find more information about the products or services they offer. Since this is about making good impressions last, they need to provide accurate information to earn the trust of their potential customers while building their credibility.

For another, they use the network to find groups, organizations, and any types of people assembly to start up discussions or forums that will help make their business known. Social media networks are also used to help business owners be able to communicate to their target market. Through social media networks, comments, suggestions, and insights of the target customers are bridged through.

For Social Work

Some people and organizations also use social media to do social work so they can reach out to those who are in need. Fundraisers and the like are often found, which is nice because people are able to help out, even in little ways.

Tips to Use Social Media the Right Way

No matter what reason you sign up for an account in a social media site, what matters is that you are aware of the proper decorum that will make your addition a pleasant one. Here are some tips:

Tip #1:

Have clear intentions. People will always have their reasons for using social media. You should be clear about that so before every post, you could lovingly think whether or not your status update or tweet is geared towards getting to your goal.

Tip #2:

Be yourself. Whether you are using social media for your own personal cause or for the sake of revenue, it is important that you share only your authentic self. That way, you will be respected and will surely get support, regardless if that means more loyal friends or bigger revenues.

Tip #3:

Be attentive. It is not a good thing to just focus on yourself, what you feel, what you want, etc. This is a social network. That means, you are not alone in circling it. If you want others to pay attention to you, what you share, and what you say, you should also pay the same respect to others.

Tip #4:

Know that it is okay to let go a day of conversation. Do not take it against you if you have not been kept updated with what’s up and about, except only if something really important came up to those who are closest to you.

Tip #5:


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