Finally you have managed to save enough money to buy the same jewelry your idol wears. But when you arrive at the jewelry shop, you are still a bit disappointed because your money is still not enough.

This article will try to wipe your disappointment by still being able to buy the jewelry you want without having to add a cent. You must also do some simple work here in this option if you want to get that jewelry while keeping to your budget.

The first thing to do is find a designer and bring a list of how you want your jewelry to look like. In your list you must be able to prioritize the most and least important. Here is an example that you can base your own personal list on.

Creating Your List (Procedures):

  1. Write down the critical things in your jewelry.
  2. Then write the parts of your jewelry that you think will be less “critical”
  3. Try to suggest items that can be replaced on items that are less critical or areas where the attractiveness won’t be reduced if the more costly item is replaced by a less costly one. Keep your preference well within your budget.
  4. Review your work and be honest about it. If you think you can not be able to afford it, redo the list again.

After creating your list it is important to use it properly as well. Below is how you can use your own created list to get the jewelry you want at a less costly price.

  1. Email the designer of your choice and tell him or her that you love his pieces but you would love to save money. Tell the designer that you have a list that may be used to obtain your objectives. Then be honest about the budget that you have.
  2. There will be a great chance that the designer will respond positively because they love to know what their customers want to see.
  3. Only send your list if requested. You are halfway there because you already have established a rapport with the designer. The designer will then try to earn from your demands as long as it is reasonable.  A good quality of some designers is that they refuse to use certain materials. Designers do that to still establish quality on their work.
  4. If things 1 to 3 worked very well, the designer will ask you how he or she will proceed. Prepare to send the full price of the item before it is finished or started to be worked on. But you will feel more or less certain that the price will now be within your range because you helped guide the design with your suggestions.

Good luck in finding the best designer to serve your needs! Be happy with those Bling Bling you worked hard for.

Steve Bob is a free lancer writer and content builder of many sites and currently he is doing online research on rings.

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