The Virtual World and Weaponry

The world is a pond full of opportunities, and we have technology to thank that for. One of the greatest products of technology is the World Wide Web and it is evidence that the human mind can reach even the Milky Way. Through the Internet, millions of people are given the opportunity to rise from poverty. Not only do online jobs become a trend for many people, but online entrepreneurship has also been an answer to those who are seeking for success.

But, with the uncountable people who are aspiring to build a name online, how can one really rise above and make a lasting impression to the viewers of the Internet? Well, the initial step in building a career online is getting things done the right way, and to do that, you have to have the best weapons in the creation and development of your web page.


Whoever said that the best things in life are free may have used Fontello as a web tool. Many of you know that having various icons is an asset of any web page, and Fontello proudly provides you that for free. You can compile these icons and place them on a set to make sure that your page will never lack consistency.

Foundation 3

Another free-to-use handy web tool is Foundation 3. This is a useful tool, especially since the trend in the online world is incessantly changing. Through Foundation 3, you are given the opportunity to know what’s in and what’s out online, giving you the chance to update your page.


Colours play a crucial role in making your page look attractive. Through Pictaculous, uploading a picture and using the colours and hues in that picture as an addition in your colour set is not a problem anymore.


Photoshop may be a headache for some, especially since it is hard to perfect grids. With this tool, creating rows, columns baselines and midpoint is as easy as counting 1 to 3.


Even though there are numerous tools out in the market to provide you with the best and most convenient browsing experience, nothing can ever compare to how Trello works on making navigation fun and easy-to-do. This tool is helpful in letting you monitor your project through a visual board. Multi-tasking has never been this easy, thanks to Trello.

Firefox 18

If you would like to make your page more bankable, Firefox 18 would surely be an answer to all your needs. It is never questionable that the trend in the World Wide Web is like a roller coaster ride. What’s hot today may be replaced by a new tool the next day. Through Firefox 18, you would be given the chance to use the most popular tools while not forsaking the old ones. This tool enhances the features of old tools to maximize their usage, while letting you know the most profitable updates.

Entering the virtual world may be easy, but the real question is, is your online career going to last for just a day or two, or are you going to make sure that you are staying there for good? Never forget that being up-to-date is always important to keep up with the world’s ever-changing trends because in the online world, only the trendiest and strongest survive.

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