Tips To Find a Cheap Web Hosting Service

If you are searching for the best cheap web hosting plan then it would be tempting looking at all the prices, although there are still various cheap hosting services which when you decide on the price range, then you are still going to have a dozen hosting services to select from. Once you have made your decision about the need of a cheap hosting then here we have the things that you need to look for in the cheap web host.

Free setup

There are various cheap hosting sites out there on the internet which on choosing just one might make you pay for the setup fee, which is silly. Still, there is little effort required for creating new web hosting, especially shared hosting, hence the setup is a way for hosting to milk little more from you.

Unlimited space and bandwidth

There was once a time that you can’t get cheap web host with the unlimited space as well as the bandwidth, although that does not happen now. There are various providers in the market which offer unlimited space or the bandwidth or even free upgrades.

At least 30 days to evaluate the service

Not all the cheap web hosts offer you the guarantee of returning your money back, and a lot of them are very cheap since you get locked into a multi-year contract.

Tech support

If you’re one of those people who need to talk on their phone if there is a problem, then do not go for the host which offers a 24 hour online support for chat. A lot of cheap hosts give you the knowledge as well as the FAQs on the internet, but the live support in person is rare.

The features you need

If in case you require database with the PHP, to do not go for the cheap host that does not involves it in your current price, although they offer that as the upgrade. It might be difficult converting your plan later.

Cheapest Web Hosting Plans

One of most commons things that you will see in the cheap web hosting are the package deal over the several months or the year. In other words, they cost around $4 a month, and when you buy the 36 months service. Otherwise it costs $15 a month. If you are not prepared handing over a huge amount of money at once, then you must be completely sure that you are aware what the cheap web hosting costs on a monthly basis.

Non-Refundable Cheap Web Hosting

A few of most common complaints that I have seen about the cheap web hosting surround the non-refundable terms as well as the cancellation fee. Most of time, the fee as well as the policies are properly spelled in terms and the conditions, which you agree before starting hosting them. You must make sure that you read all the terms and the conditions carefully, so that you are aware of the copyright claim on your content if you post on the cheap web hosting servers, in case it is mentioned in the guidelines.

Author Bio:
The article is contributed by Gloria Philips. She has several years of experience working in the web hosting industry and loves to share hosting related secrets and cheapest web hosting plans.

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