Good photos are essential for uploading on social websites and needed for an ego boost through period of depression. Not everyone has a photogenic face.

We have outlined nine techniques on how to look stunning in the photos. These are real and ultimate tips to look awesome in front of camera even if you aren’t.

1. Slender Waist

Stand in front of the camera with one foot forward and other backward. And gently maneuver your feet creating an angle with the camera. This creates an impression of a thin waist.

2. Long Legs

You should wear heels for that matter. Not the six inch heels. Heels keep you on your toes and you can stand looking confident, slender and with an appropriate posture.

3. Well Crafted Face

This option differs for boys and girls. It basically means having less fat shown on the face. The girls should scowl a little to focus more on the lips. This idea is for girls only.

Boys should touch their tongue to top of the mouth while being photographed. The mechanism behind it is simple because as you move your tongue higher the cheeks tighten up and appear thin.

4. Wearing Appropriate Colored Clothes

That’s very necessary for every individual. Black does not suit everyone due to varied skin tone, complexion, hair color and eye color. You will need to experiment more with color combinations to trace the perfect color for yourself. Extensive experimentation is required in this case.

5. Angles and Lighting

Exceptional photo is more associated with the manner in which lighting and angles are maintained. If you have seen Australia next top model or other similar shows you can evaluate that for taking a good photo they have to master their smile, angle and fashion style before making it to the makeup room or hairstyle specialists. Apparently the judges are vaguely impressed by their preliminary photos.

6. Face the Camera Light

If you are taking a photo with or without a flash, you should move towards the light. It is very advantageous to do so otherwise it will create shadows on the face making you will look older, drowsy and weary. Shadows also highlight lines and skin bags. To avoid all this, move towards the light and it will hide your features.

7. Act Naturally

Your photo should be lively and interactive. You act more naturally. Remember a joke, a funny incident or something which cracks you up a bit .Trust me that smile is natural and is better for your portfolio

8. Experimenting with Expressions

You need to spend some time in front of the mirror for that matter. Because every face is unique, so consequently you need to experiment with varied facial expression, side poses, full smile, and half smile and serious pose.

9. Connecting with Camera

Looking straight into the unfriendly camera is a task few people do efficiently. But you can do something while being photographed like pretend to be talking, looking at something or creating a pose to avoid looking stiff and reserved.

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