5 Tips to Use Screen Printing and Fashion to Market Your Business

Screen printing is a classic textile design element with a long history. Believe it or not, screen printing first developed in the Song Dynasty during the 10th Century. Chinese artists used stencils to add color to silk. Now screen printing is a common element in t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other fashion textiles.

Because screen printing is relatively simple, it is a popular option for people looking to market their logo on various items of clothing. You have almost limitless possibilities with screen printing; a good screen printer can use CMYK colors to give you any shade imaginable, and you can create extremely detailed designs to represent your brand. Or, if you prefer, you can get a simple one-color screen print to use as a quick, inexpensive marketing tool.
The trick, of course, is how you use the items you’ve screen printed. Here are some tips to get your logo into places where it will actually make an impact.


A variety of opportunities exist on end caps and point of sale displays that would allow you to market a product or enforce your brand. A cardboard stand with a screen printed design can act as a stand to sell products at the register. A larger pallet display can house products in sections of a pallet, enabling you to display lots of product without sacrificing space.


You can sell branded merchandise through your store and cash in on your logo. Sports teams and cartoons pull this off immaculately, but you can do it too. Think about the classic “Titleist” cap, or the croc logo for “Lacoste.” Even Apple gets a slice of the pie, offering customers an Apple sticker to affix to any surface they wish (like laptops or cars). Something tasteful and simple can become an identifier for your brand in addition to being a fashion statement.
A well-designed logo, or a slogan, can be marketed to your existing customers. A coffee cup or a tee with your logo turns the everyman into a brand ambassador for you. Think about what your customers would actually use…get screen printing done on that item and sell it.


The idea of the work uniform came from the Sony company in Japan. The company wanted its workers to have clothes to wear while working and the uniforms became a point of pride as the country rebuilt itself. You can supply employees with a tasteful collared shirt or jumpsuit that has a screen print of your logo adorning it. You can also screen print badges and distribute these to new hires.

Window Dressings

A large sticker over your window creates an attractive display that is easy to put up. You can advertise your most recent sale, or be more ambitious and push a particular item. Double sided stickers can be ordered from printing houses online, and you can upload your own custom designs to print out the display you want to show.


Banners outside your store can flag down passersby with attractive sales copy. Banners are not as big as a sign on the corner, but you can bring in a bit of extra traffic. Try putting your logo on a cloth banner, or using a street-side sign with a screen-printed sticker.

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