Top 100 High DA Free PDF Submission Sites List 2018-2019

PDF submission sites list are in greater prominence after document sharing sites emerged as effective SEO tools.
They allow uploading documents in many formats; the word (*.doc) venerable PDF (*.pdf) or Open Office Word (*.odt) formats.
The PDF files will be handy in sharing documents such as brochures, magazine articles to save the original graphic appearance.
Document sharing sites have been attracting great traffic as a source for research documents and in-depth study papers.
Now let us look at the PDF submission sites for SEO and see how these popular PDF submission sites list are helping.

Top PDF Submission Sites List


Regarding PDF submission sites list with instant approval to add PDF files, just click on sign up button at the relevant site for registration; use the upload button and include the location of PDF file creation via the search bar.
Also add the title, description and tags for the PDF File placing a link in the space for description. Now press the submit button. The job is done.


As far as, do follow PDF submission sites list are concerned, they are gold mines for harvesting backlinks and expanding authority and traffic at the shortest possible time.
Thanks to high PageRank in the search engines for keyword phrases, document sharing sites boost keyword-rich articles and increase visibility in search engines.

Benefits of posting articles

Some top benefits of posting articles to the free PDF submission sites list are the following:

  • Faster indexing by Google
  • Flexibility to use flashy formatting in content including images
  • Option to upload articles to multiple sharing sites without caring for duplication
  • Ease of adding affiliate links to articles

Niche Area of SEO

As mentioned, PDF sharing is a specialized practice in SEO.
In terms of backend action in top PDF submission sites list, one basic process is Googlebot and BingBot accessing metadata to read.
The Acrobat files rank a PDF file in the same way regular web pages are ranked by search engines and start distributing the content across the web.
Keeping an HTML back up and adding a canonical directive to the server headers will bring SEO action into the HTML content.

Tips for Successful PDF File Submission

In hiking the indexing rate, converting scanned PDFs into text using OCR or Adobe Acrobat Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is important to allow search engines to read files.
A good title for the PDF document is essential. It must defend the content’s context adequately.  Also separating words in the PDF text with dashes than spaces or underbars are also very crucial. This is because search Engines prefer dashes as words tend to break up in filenames while the algorithm is at work.
PDF files not only improve online presence but also help in attracting potential customers to business sites. A major outcome of PDF submission is link diversity as a majority of the websites are linked to social media, blogs, and article directories.

PDF Submission Sites List




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