Photo editing is always a fun thing to do, that’s why today I am covering top five iPad, Android and iPhone apps for photo editing around which are the alternative to the clearly brassy filters. So below is the ultimate guide to the top photo apps for iPhone around. Keep in mind that these softwares does not replace any high quality DSLR or a Pro photoshop CC, however they all are great at photo editing.

PicLab HD

PicLab is used to edit the photo to rapidly create a cool typographic picture. It is one of the best apps for iPhone and Android platform. And the price of this incredible app is as cheap as $1.99. It is a neat app to create exciting pictures that you get on the internet lately. PicLab HD let you either take a photo or else get it from your photo album or library. This app has the features of complete layer-based editing as well as ample of tools to make your real picture look its best, along with a lot of beautiful film and lightning effects to pick from. Moreover, PicLab HD also has a preset filters for photo plus barely credible adjustment tools for better contrast, tuning, brightness, saturation and blurry photo.


You will definitely love the sketch based photo editor app. Sktchy is another best app for iPhone and iPads platforms. The best thing about sktchy is that is free of cost means you don’t have to pay a penny for using this app. It allows you to connect with people around the world in a better way. You are allowed to choose from an assortment of photos which is uploaded by the community of Sktchy plus make a portrait from that photo. This app is a perfect platform for people to come across inspiration and share the different art with the entire world.

SnappyCam Pro

Are you the one who always late in snapping the perfect picture? Now I bet you will not miss any perfect shot! By using a burst of shots of speedy camera app SnappyCam Pro. Just like a DSLR, by using SnappyCam Pro you can hold the button of shutter to capture the burst of pictures so you will not miss out the perfect snap. The app is much faster, along with having the capacity to take more than 60 photographs a second, from which it’s up to you to keep all of them or pick the best ones and delete the excessive photos.


Photochop is the top most and great iPhone app that Chop Up as well as Distort Your photographs do accurately the way it says on the tin. The platform on which I can use is not only an iPhone, but iPads too, and the price is as low as $0.99. You just have to choose a photo from your picture album and chop the photo into a set of tiles and have fun. These edited photos that are created from all these apps can simply be saved to your iPhone plus shared with friends through email and post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The article is written by Gloria Philips. She has written many articles on various topics but she likes to share useful information about the best app for iPhone and iPads platforms.