Top Apps for Today's SEO Professionals

When Google launched the Panda and Penguin updates, they affected nearly 18 percent of search results combined, leading some SEO experts to question whether search engine optimization was going to turn into a fading relic of the good old days of yesteryear. Rather than fading away, however, SEO became much more diversified. Terms like "reputation management" were coined out of nowhere, but the same philosophy remained: to ensure the maximum search engine visibility of a site.

Technological advancements also played an important role in the changing dynamic of SEO. Smartphones, tablets, and mobile applications are now reshaping the SEO world and countless businesses around the globe. Today, a growing majority of people have fully embraced mobile technology and perform a wide variety of routine tasks on their phones while out and about. In fact, mobile apps have revolutionized the lives of modern SEO and business professionals. There are hundreds of SEO apps circulating the app marketplace, but these SEO apps should be in every SEO expert’s app arsenal.

Elite SEM

Elite SEM is a valuable tool for managing SEO campaigns. In addition to using an array of calculations to provide an in-depth analysis of a website, the app also helps SEO professionals manage their SEO, CPA, CPM, and email campaigns.

Analytics App

This comprehensive app is a handy and robust tool for SEO analytics. In fact, many consider it the best app for using Google Analytics on mobile devices. From keyword analytics to viewing the average time users spend on sites and everything in between, the Analytics App can be used for a myriad of useful tasks.


Pokeseo is a terrific app that allows SEO experts to check the Google Page Rank of any domain right from their iOS or Android device. The app can also be used to see how many backlinks a site has for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL. Best of all, the data can be saved by using the "email this report" feature.


TweetDeck was introduced not too long ago as a dashboard management app for Twitter accounts. Since TweetDeck’s release, it has become the most popular Twitter app, comprising nearly 40 percent of the market share. The useful app is compatible with numerous platforms, including Android and iOS devices, windows, and more. Users can even install it on all of the most popular web browsers. The free smartphone, tablet, and desktop app allows users to post their tweets, reply to others, mark favorites, send instant messages, follow other Twitter users, and even shorten URLs.

WebRank SEO

The WebRank SEO app offers users the ability to view any website, whether it is their own or their competitors. The app also shows the Alexa rank, Google Page rank, and the number of backlinks coming in from Bing and Google. However, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the app is its Sociometer, which shows the number of Tweets, Facebook likes, and Google +1’s that a webpage has received.

SpyderMate SEO Scorecard

Many SEO experts consider this app a real gem. Essentially, the app lets SEO professionals know the SEO score of their Twitter pages and websites, allowing them to get a feel for the ranking power of their sites. It is also a handy tool to use when assessing the value of obtaining backlinks from certain sites. The score is provided as a percentage, making it quick and easy for every user to see a website’s SEO score. Hold on, because there’s more. SpyderMate SEO Scorecard also provides the number of unique domain backlinks a site has as well as the number of Facebook likes, Twitter shares, and Google+ shares.

SEO Holic

Anyone in search of an in-depth and dynamic SEO journey can use the free SEO Holic app for an in-depth review of their site’s SEO strengths and weaknesses. The powerful app serves many functions, but the Rank tab may be the most useful. It splits up website information into three sections: social functions, website statistics, and website audit.

The website audit report checks the length of Meta data, H1 count, keywords used, and so on. Conveniently, it can be sent directly to a user’s email address. The website statistics feature provides information on a site’s Google, Alexa, and SEO MOZ rank as well information on its domain and page authority. With SEO Holic in an SEO professional’s arsenal, he or she can check the SEO performance of their sites from anywhere at any time.

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